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A newbie saying hi
« on: November 24, 2013, 05:33:33 AM »
Hi, guys

I'm a new user here. Just wanted to introduce myself.

I'm an Israeli patriot, and a Serbian Patriot. I'm Jewish and was born in Russia, today I live in Israel.

I came to Israel in 1990, and saw a patriotic, strong, united and proud nation - a nation with a backbone, strongly believing in its rightness and faithful to its values. Today I see a country in shambles - meek, full of guilt, disjointed, ashamed of itself, defeated, rotting, falling apart.

Such a change in such a short period of time!

This is the result of the work of the dark, destructive forces that were lurking in the shadows for years, waiting for their time. Slowly but surely they did their dirty work, changing the nation's self-perception, attacking all what is good and right from every possible direction, eating away at its foundations.

And as they say: "the fish begins to rot from its head" - it's the political, cultural and academic elite that is responsible for this. In today's Israel one is ashamed to admit he is a patriot, he is ashamed to admit he hates his nation's enemies, he is now even ashamed to say he is a Zionist. This country is destined for ruin. It's painful to admit it, but that's the way things look right now. I'm not sure that this process can even be stopped at this point. How sad.

I'm also a Serbian patriot. Always been. I adore this nation, I feel close to its tradition, I identify with its history, I share its values, I love its spirit. I guess I'm half-Jewish, half-Serb. Serbia is in my blood.

The Serbs have a thousand-year history of fighting against stronger enemies and coming out with their dignity intact. The history of Serbia is that of a small nation that is prepared to sacrifice all it has for what it believes in. The Serbs were always prepared to die to defend their land, their faith and their honor. This spirit lives to this day.

Serbia may be suffocating under overwhelming pressures, but it still lives on and will live forever. Like a Serbian song goes: "The heart of a hero pounds forever, you can't stop it, the heart of a hero pounds forever for Serbia". In the 90-ies we have seen all of the dark forces of the World coming down on Serbs to crush and humiliate them, and leading a sick and loathsome campaign of cheap propaganda to deny them of their truth and even their humanity. This was not even done because of any Geo-Strategical considerations, but because of the hate towards everything Serbs represent and stand for. This conspiracy is continuing well into the present. They want to destroy Serbia completely and leave no trace of it.

This is one thing that is common between the Jews and the Serbs - everyone hates us. And hates us without a good reason, without a cause. They hate us because we exist. I think they hate us because they know we are better than them, we are of a different breed. We are thorough-bred, and they are mongrels. Like Jesus Christ said: "Those hating me without cause have been more than the hairs of my head. Mighty have been my destroyers, my lying enemies" (Psalms 69:4). We both have many much more powerful enemies that hate us in their hearts, and will not stop before anything in order to destroy us. We have to fight back in order to live. We never fight to conquer or destroy, we fight to survive.

I'm  waiting for the time when all hell will brake loose in Israel and a civil war will begin between the forces of good and evil. I save myself for that struggle and I'm always ready. I have also swore to go and fight in Bosnia or Kosovo the next time fighting begins there. I don't fear for my life at all, my life is nothing, it's cheap, I just want to do the right thing and make it count, to leave my mark. I'm not afraid - like it says in the Bible: "Буди слободан и храбар. Не бој се и не плаши се; јер је с тобом Господ Бог твој куда год идеш. Господ је видело моје и спасење моје; кога да се бојим? Господ је крепост живота мојега; кога да се страшим?" (Ис. Нав. 1,9; Псалам 27,1).

On the wall of my room I have a black Cetnik flag with "С Вером у Бога, Слобода или Смрт" on it. Everyone who comes in my room says: "why do you need this strange flag, take it down, it is scary". I always answer: "Only after my death". In the recent period I have had serious problems with my health, and two times I've ended up in intensive care, and doctors said both times I will probably die. When I've heard that, I told my mother to go and bring the Cetnik flag from my room and cover me with it. The doctors didn't want to let her cover me with the flag, they said it looks like a flag of death. I said to them: "it's a flag of not being afraid of death". When I was covered with that flag I instantly felt very calm, peaceful, even happy. I felt nothing can hurt me. I felt there was something protecting me. Both times I've survived, and both times doctors said it was a medical miracle. I guess God doesn't want me to die yet, he still wants me to do something in this life.

Well, I've told my story, I hope you guys understood and maybe even related to what I wrote.

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Re: A newbie saying hi
« Reply #1 on: November 24, 2013, 10:55:46 AM »
Welcome to JTF.  I think you'll love it here.

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Re: A newbie saying hi
« Reply #2 on: November 25, 2013, 09:47:45 AM »
Thy destroyers and they that make thee waste shall go forth of thee.  Isaiah 49:17

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Re: A newbie saying hi
« Reply #3 on: November 26, 2013, 04:46:06 PM »
Welcome to JTF.
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Re: A newbie saying hi
« Reply #4 on: November 26, 2013, 04:52:08 PM »
Hi there.  If you have any questions, please go to ask Jtf and ask Chaim whatever question you may have about JTF