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Be wise : BUY GUNS NOW while you can.

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I advise everyone to purchase guns now while you can. If you never use it, you could always resell it for a little loss even years later, 50-100 max loss. Consider it an insurance premium because one day it could make the difference netween life or death for your entire family.

obama and cronies will definitely attempt again to disarm the citizen. Muslims will increase their attacks on Jews. They recruit thugs in prisons, convert them and give them the 'job' with some jihad justification.

Nations of Islam among other groups are constantly calling for the eradication of whites in general and Jews in particular.

Let's be wise here :  GET ARMED



I do not think anyone is going to lose money on a gun. They are going to get harder and harder to come by (legally) so the price will likely keep going up.

Ammunition especially.... as it get more scarce, the price will go ever higher. Already it is close to impossible to find some caliber of shells, and when you do it is outrageously expensive.

Israel Chai:


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