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Be wise : BUY GUNS NOW while you can.

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Already have started doing this!

After a lifetime of never owning a gun or even holding one in my hand, I realized that even after I left the Left, I retained a portion of their anti-gun viewpoints. I wasn't anti-gun necessarily, but I was very sheepish around them, and I mean VERY.

Once I realized that and put my view to the test, I understood it was not a rational position so I began to change myself to rid myself of this nonsensical stigma against guns. On top of that, Pelosi pushing her near total ban of rifles in 2013 (the new "Assault Weapons Ban" would have outlawed nearly all rifles, including ALL centerfire semiautomatics) combined with the anti-2nd Amendment legislation pushed through legislature here in Colorado by power-tripping libtards left me quite angry and turned me into a "gun nut" that now has a lifetime NRA membership and a membership with the RMGO.

 :P   :dance:

I've gone on the warpath against these clowns (I'd be thrilled to use stronger language but I'm not sure what's allowed here) and I'm not stopping, either.

Anyhoo! I bought my first firearm in early 2013, at the tender age of 42. A month later I bought a rifle. A year later, I bought another handgun. Immediately after my rifle purchase, I applied for a concealed handgun permit, so I now carry either one of my two handguns most places.

I cannot begin to express the importance of self-defense. It is on US to protect ourselves, each other, and our country. NOT to defer like sheep to incompetent and untrustworthy authority figures!


Wise words,

Best deals going on right now:
Canic 55 9mm, xlnt value at $320, has raving revues, down side: made in Turkey.
EAA 9mm Witness, great revue, good value at $299
Looking to scare the crap out of anyone? try this:,-krinkov-pattern,-5.56mm-223-,-wood-stock,-10-free-mags,-new.-p-58080.html

Xlnt value, xlnt quality, shoots out flames 3-4 feet long. unlike its 7.62 brethren, its not a punishment to operate, soft recoil and good target acquisition. down side: its HEAVY, 6 pounds 8 ounces UNLOADED, mainly due to the 1.5mm thick RPK receiver.

Another great deal if you can find it is a VZ 2008 by CAI, last month they were blowing them off for $400, a good way to think of it...what would happen if a german designed an AK. phenomenal design and quality!, the action is something between a G3 and a Glock. cons: does not share common AK parts, not even the mags, the only thing shared is the caliber.


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