Author Topic: Mahmoud Abbas wants to Create a "Palestinian" capitol in Yerushalayim.  (Read 4861 times)

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Yerushalayim Is the eternal capitol of Am Yisrael.  A shared capitol in Yerushalayim would not bring peace but it would bring war. Let them create their capitol somewhere else besides Yerushalayim if they truly do want peace and a state of their own. But Abass proposing Yerushalayim for their capitol is  a declaration of war against Israel and Judaism. They must overcome their Ignorance about the  ancient Biblical historic Connection to Eretz Israel and Yerushalayim that the Jews Have. Yerushalayim  Is central for Jews. Yerushalayim Is where Jews Look to. Mecca in saudi Arabia is the Most sacred place to Muslims. Abbas Is a Muslim. he demands East Jerusalem( The Old city of Yerushalayim) (The Holyist city according to Judaism (not Islam))  to be the capitol of the future Palestinian state. Yet he prays towards Mecca.  Why must he claim Israel's Holy eternal capitol for the place where his future capitol would go? What is wrong with Ramallah? We must ask are selves if this is simply a conflict over land like some say, or if this conflict at its core faith or religiously based. A conflict between Islam and Judaism.  Most people on here should know that tho this conflict IS land based and IS nationalist based and IS tribal based, above these other factors  it is faith based.  The Faith Of the Nation who is victorious is seen by the other nations of the world as the true interoperation of faith in Hashem. As Jews we See Our faith as the correct interoperation. but the world is not so easily convinced. when Israel was weak the world questioned our faith but when we our strong many start believing that we are right or at least consider it; thus we become a light unto the nations.  When Jews control the Land of Israel it is a great kidush Hashem.  Some muslims want to prove that Islam is true by destroying Am Yisrael and our faith. Obviously they will fail like so many others before them. Jews returning to The land of Israel and reclaiming our eternal capitol Yerushalayim NOT ONLY proved Israel's Biblical prophecies true, BUT ALSO proved Islam wrong in many ways. Also Islam venerates Judaism as true and divine while Judaism does not recognize (and rightfully so) Islam as true or divine.
IS Abbas waging Jihad against Judaism?  Abbas must understand that Yerushalayim has been the capitol of Eretz Israel for thousands of Years based on Israel's  Historic Biblical claim. If Abbas asked for Ramallah as their capitol that would be a more realistic request. Not that Their should be a Palestinian state ANYWHERE in Eretz Israel.