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Black Agitators
« on: January 23, 2014, 12:41:46 PM »

So recently Maytag has been the object of harassment by the NAACP (National Association of Always Complaining People). The lawyers for NAACP tried to sue Maytag because they said that Maytag was racist because they make many white washing machines but no black ones. The higher-ups at Maytag came up with a solution. This is the letter that they issued:

Maytag realizes that the African American population in America is sizable and we realize that racial tensions are at a peak recently. So, to appease the black population that feels that we have slighted them and that have called us "racist," we will implement the following change. Since the black population of the US is approximately 12 percent of the total population, we here at Maytag dedicate ourselves to purpose that from this day forth, 17% of all washing machines manufactured by Maytag will have a black agitator.

Shalom Y'all....Yirmayahu