Author Topic: White Muslim from Belfast jailed 3 years for plotting to kill prince Harry  (Read 3682 times)

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Amazing transformation of White Muslim convert born in Belfast who has been jailed for three years for plotting to disarm an army officer and gun down Prince Harry

    Ashraf Islam, 31, was born Mark Townley in Belfast but converted to Islam
    He wanted to kill the soldier prince for having 'blood on his hands'
    But he lost his nerve and walked into Hounslow police station to confess
    He was sentenced today at Isleworth after admitting making a threat to kill
    Judge said his plan was 'unlikely to succeed' but he was a risk to public

Ashraf Islam, 31, who was Mark Townley, left, before he converted to Islam, was jailed today for three years after telling police he was plotting to kill Prince Harry, whom he thought had 'blood on his hands' as a soldier

Islam, of no fixed address but who had been living in west London, had handed himself in to police in May last year the day after drummer Lee Rigby was killed in Woolwich.

His barrister, Roxanne Morrell, told the judge that Islam had given himself up and volunteered information about his plot.

Judge Richard McGregor-Johnson, the recorder for Kensington and Chelsea, said he would not go over details of Islam’s plot, but he told Islam during the brief hearing: 'This was not a threat made in isolation.

'The examination of your computer revealed you conducted research on his [Prince Harry’s] whereabouts and intentions.

'You had given the matter considerable thought.'

He added: 'The reason behind that is that you thought he and other serving officers had some moral guilt, and you thought you had a moral right to judge.

'I accept that there is nothing here that could be described as professional plans as to your expressed intentions.

'Your plan was vague and unlikely to succeed.'

But the judge said police would have intervened had Islam, who has previous convictions for dishonesty and for involvement in an attempted robbery, attempted to carry out his plan.

The judge said he considered a longer sentence, but said it would have been deemed 'excessive'.

'I would have wished to consider an extended sentence,' he said. 'But the authorities are clear, even if a court finds that the person does represent a danger to the public, that doesn’t justify a longer sentence.'

Ms Morrell said her client had a personality disorder.


'Aim for target.  No civilians to be injured....Not to be viewed as Islamist extremist'

Notes found on Islam's computer after he confessed murder plot

At a hearing last September, Isleworth Crown Court was told that Islam had 'advanced' plans to shoot Prince Harry at close range with a low-calibre pistol.

The court was told that Islam, who separated from his wife and young child in Northern Ireland after making ‘several reckless financial decisions’, converted to the religion in Belfast and changed his name by deed poll in 2010.

He spent 10 days in Thailand researching the prince and his whereabouts, before flying back into Heathrow and then walking into Hounslow police station on 23 May and saying he wanted to talk about a murder, the court heard.

The would-be killer gave himself up after he began to feel nervous about his plans, which he intended to carry out the next day, the court was told.  It was alleged he aimed to disarm an officer during a parade because he did not want to bring a firearm into London.

Police then found a document on Islam’s computer that read: ‘Aim for target. No civilians to be injured. Dress code is the biker look. Use low-calibre pistol at close range. Not to be viewed as Islamist extremist.’

Islam was said to have converted to the religion while serving time in prison for fraud.

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Re: White Muslim from Belfast jailed 3 years for plotting to kill prince Harry
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Time for the UVF to concentrate on the muslims!