Author Topic: Bill Clinton Cares More About Fat Black Kids than Osama Bin Laden  (Read 2813 times)

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The other day, Bill Clinton was at it again. In his second home in Harlem, NY (because he cares so-o-o-o much about black kids), Bill was teaching the future little felons of America that it is not a good idea to eat the Frito's and pork rinds that their moms feed them for breakfast. It is amazing that no one sees through this guy - do black people really believe that he gives a damn about them? I'm sure he has plenty of black people up in Chapaqua, NY - I have no doubt that they are there to do his windows, carry his trash and cook him pork rinds a la Bubba!

What he should really do is encourage the kids to eat as much as their fat little ass can handle, so that when they grow up into full grown felons, they'll be slow, and easier to catch after snatching your chain, purse, or ipod. Now that would really be looking out for the public health and a true feather in the cap of America's "first black president".