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Some words on the Temple Mount.
« on: March 09, 2014, 07:05:26 PM »
Some muslims consider The temple Mount to be Their third holiest place behind mecca and medina according to Islam. In realty neither the Temple mount nor Jerusalem EVOR appear in the Quran. The quran merely states a mosque known as "the farthest Mosque" And the quran never names the city of Jerusalem EVOR. A  Muslim King ordered the building of the dome of the rock to Protect the Jewish Holly site from Christian crusaders until the Jews return and subsequently build the third Temple upon the Temple Mount. Muslims were actually guarding the Temple Mount for Israel. The Muslims of those times who were familiar with the Hebrew bible as well as the Quran understood that the Temple Mount is the site  of the first and second Jewish Temples and that The most sacred place to Muslims was and still is the al-Kaʿbah in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. These muslims who were not ignorant of the history and Scriptures knew The Temple mount  is where King David was commanded to make his son Solomon build a dwelling place for HaShem. They knew that the first Temple and The second Temple stood their  before being destroyed first by the Babylonians in 586 BCE and later the second temple destroyed by romans in 70 A.d. thus sending  Israel into the 2000 year exile. The Temple mount was once and forever is the center of the world for Jews and our faith according to our Bible. The only Bible That is venerated as divine and true according Judaism (obviously), Christianity AND Islam. Those muslims were much more well educated about Hebrew scriptures and the connection between Judaism and Islam. Unlike many of todays Muslims whom are unfortunately kept in Ignorance. For instance many muslims are not aware that Islam derives from Judaism. Why do you think Kosher food is automatically halal for muslims to eat? Because Islam recognizes Judaism as true and divine. The Two sons of Abraham were Yishmael and Yitsak. Islam derives from the tribes of Yishmael as Judaism derives from the tribes of Yitsak. Both our of the seed of Abraham. However Islam's center is clearly Mecca in Saudi Arabia. While The center of the world for Jews is the Temple mount in Yerushalayim. You cant have it both ways. When muslims turn away from the Temple Mount to pray towards Mecca they show where their faith is connected to. The significance of the Temple Mount to Judaism is central. The Temple Mount is the center of the world according to Judaism. The Temple mount is Am Yisraels # 1 Holiest place on earth. Not our third(some muslims claim the Temple mount is their "Third" holiest site.) According to Judaism the Temple Mount is the holiest place on earth  for all people not only Am YIsrael. The Temple Mount is central to Judaism NOT Islam. The Temple Mount Is Am Yisraels Heritage.