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[19th April 2016]

Joined this forum ages ago, because a Muslim person I loaned money to, wouldn't pay me back and I wanted to defend Jewish people against similar injustice. Looking back though, it might have actually been instigated by a Jewish Lesbian and her cuckold (if you are wondering how a Lesbian can have a cuckold ask her). I shouldn't have joined this forum, protecting the Jewish people, has not paid me well, 90% of what I have received has been two-faced and backstabbing.

So I'm disillusioned in the Jewish community and want to investigate different points of view. Giving up on politics until I have figured things out, planning on reading some Old Norse poems, the NT and the Quran at the moment, but we shall see if I get around to it.

Israel Chai:
Welcome, I started out like you, and can tell you it's going to be a great journey back to Hashem. Ask anything you want, it's our duty to help you earn your share in the world to come.


Irish Zionist:
Welcome and don't be afraid to ask a question here & it will be answered in audio form.,62889.0.html

Confederate Kahanist:
Welcome  :)

This forum could use a few more griffins!!!


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