Author Topic: Our Political Prisoners in US jails  (Read 6965 times)

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Our Political Prisoners in US jails
« on: April 24, 2014, 08:49:14 PM »
You are not as free as you think...
JDL, Kach, kahanists in free democratic USA been and are jailed for their Torah religious & political views. Many are in jails right now. FBI have a liaison with ShaBaK since 1993 & uses it. We are jailed on false criminal charges if DA is unable to set case.
Writer of this been falsely jailed, sadistically tortured but got "compensation"... $700... than jailed & tortured again because of his views.
One of our long-serving prisoners is Bob Manning, associate of Rav Kahane, one of 1st JDLers back in 1960s. Decorated Vietnam veteran. Fighter for Soviet Jews. Core pioneer of Kiryat Arba, Harsina & El Nakam. Bob's wife, Rochelle, another founder of JDL, was tortured to death in Israeli jail in late 1980s. Bob is finishing his 20+ year sentence in federal jail. He is standing strong & will be back in Israel soon.
Jailers deny him kosher food, prayer, books... everything Jewish. Pesah 2013 they tried to feed him chumatz. It took many letters from all over the world to warden to get Bob kosher Pesah that year.
See pic. Bob Manning in early days of JDL.
Rak Kach!