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Death to traitors!                                                      BS’D

By author

   First week of March 2013, Merav Michaeli, leftist Israeli MK (Labor) stood erect, her head high, on the Knesset podium and introduced herself as the granddaughter of Dr. Rudolf Kastner.
Who was this “defamed” Holocaust hero Kastner & why Michaeli is so proud to be his granddaughter?
Rudolf (Rezső / Yisrael) Kastner (Kasztner) was born in Hungary in 1906. He became a lawyer and a leader of the Hungarian Jewish community during Holocaust. He thought himself as a part of intellectual elite, arrogant, snobbish and “made of better wood than common Jews”. Kastner joined Barissa/Mapai, Israeli Workers’ Party, forerunner of Labor Party his granddaughter represents today.
Back in the summer of 1944, when it was obvious that Hitler’s Nazi empire days are numbered, when Red Army was on the gates of Hungary, Allies landed in Normandy, all 800,000 Hungarian Jews, plus Jewish refugees from Romania, Poland and Slovakia were still alive. More, there were witnesses of mass executions and people knew what Auschwitz and Treblinka were. So did Kastner.
SS-Obersturmbannführer Adolf Eichmann, one of the organizers of the Holocaust, was ordered to murder all Jews in Hungary by Heydrich, Himmler & Hitler. His problem was that he did not have enough troops to herd such a huge mass of people. Eichmann approached Kastner with a “deal”.  He would let a trainload to be ransomed, while rest will be persuaded to voluntarily board cattle trains “to a different destination”. This way, Nazis would get “jew gold”, keep troops in trenches and have stupid Jews enter gas-chambers as a herd of sheep. Kastner took the deal. He was not stupid. He knew and understood. But both he and Eichmann were terrified of the possibility of “inhumane” “bloody” Warsaw Ghetto Uprising in Hungary. They kept their “deal” secret.
Kastner auctioned 1685 seats on the “Life Train”, netting Nazis millions of dollars worth of gold. Of course, passengers were carefully selected. They were Kastner’s socialist friends, wealthy, famous scientists and artists. First, Eichmann cheated and sent them to Bergen-Belsen, but impressed with how effectively Kastner performed his side of the deal, relented and let “selected” reach safety of Switzerland in August and December 1944.
Thus, Rudolf Kastner became a great rescuer of 1685 souls. Supposedly, Eichmann “compromised even more” and transferred additional 15,000 Hungarian Jews to labor camps at Strasshof instead of murder at Auschwitz.  That is what made Israeli Knesset member from leftist Labor Party, Merav Michaeli, so “proud” last week.
The dirty secret that Michaeli & her fellow leftists hide, is that by Kastner’s deception, over 437,000 Hungarian Jews boarded trains to Auschwitz and were murdered in gas-chambers upon arrival in 1944.
But this is not the end of the story.
Kastner came to Israel after the Holocaust as if nothing had happened, rejoined the party, run for Knesset on Mapai list, did not win, but became a spokesman for Ministry of Trade & Industry in 1952. Story would have never come up and Kastner could of die of old age if not for a lonely Auschwitz survivor Malchiel Gruenwald, Hungarian Jew, whose whole family died because of Kastner. Mr.Gruenwald self-published a pamphlet where he “defamed” Kastner. Israeli Mapai Government of Ben-Gurion could not take libelous insult to its spokesman and put Gruenwald on trial. It lasted two years, witnesses testified and documents got submitted.
Court ruled that Kastner could of warn people of Nazi murder plans that were given to him and other leaders in  beginning of May 1944, in form of Vrba-Wetzler Report and other evidence.
Had Kastner acted so, there were hundreds of thousands of strong able-bodied Jewish men and women among the 800,000. With sticks and stones, with improvised and stolen weapons they could of fight Nazis for theirs’ and their loved ones lives. If the children, the elderly and the sick would refuse to move, it would be impossible to murder them all on the spot. Vast majority would be saved and many of them and their descendants would be alive today. Because of the Kastner, they were deceived and died needlessly.
That is what Israeli Knesset Member from leftist Labor Party, Merav Michaeli, is hiding from you. After all, she is a granddaughter of Rudolf Kastner. And she and her leftist party are hiding more.
50+ years after her grandfather’s hideous crime, Israeli leftists entered an “Oslo Pact” with Nazi-like Arab nationalism and Islamic fundamentalism represented by “Palestine Liberation Organization”. This time, “Allies” were not fighting in Normandy, but hosted treachery on the White House lawn, where leftist Labor leader, Israeli PM, socialist Yitzhak Rabin and Arab terrorist Arafat lovingly shook hands in harmonious agreement. US President Bill Clinton hugged both and almost shed a tear. Few years later, in September 2000, terrorist Arafat turned “Oslo Peace” into Oslo War, murdered over a 1000 & maimed 10,000 Jews in Israel by 2005. World watched silently.
G-d’s justice caught up with both Kastner and Rabin. Both were exterminated by the bullets fired by Jewish Patriots. Kastner cowardly tried to hide in the bushes near his Tel Aviv home in 1957. Rabin got shot by Yigal Amir, aided by Israeli Secret Service. Yigal is still in jail in Israel.
Unfortunately, justice caught up with these leftist traitors too late. Kastner should have been exterminated when he agreed to meet Eichmann. Rabin – long before he extended his dirty hand to Arab terrorism.
Saintly Rabbi Meir Kahane, savior of Soviet Jews, man who began the struggle that brought millions of us, including myself & my family from behind the Iron Curtain, stated back in 1978:
-   If there was a man in 1920s, who would walk in a Bavarian beer-hall with a Thompson “street-sweeper” and got rid of Hitler and his “cronies”… would such a man be a “mass murderer” or a savior of mankind, preventing the World War II?
I remember these words of the great leader of Israel vividly. Rabbi Meir Kahane, of Blessed Memory, was assassinated by Arab terrorist Al-Qaeda hit team in New York in 1990 for exposing threat of Islamic terrorism, warning American People. At the time, nobody took his words seriously. Rabbi Kahane was a total opposite of Kastner.
Why are we, Jews, so stupid? Why did the Holy Spirit “chose” us to be on the front lines of fight against humanity’s ills… Nazis, Soviets, Islamic and Arab terrorists? Why do we have to pay such a heavy blood price for the treachery of our crooked cunning corrupt “leaders”?
Torah Law explicitly commands to stop anyone on the way to murder by any means available. This is a direct commandment everyone must obey.
I understood what Rabbi Kahane was saying & in October 2000 went to Israel to help protect Jews in Samaria from Arab terrorist murderers. I got arrested by Israeli ShaBaK and “case” got “transferred”  to U.S. where I got hit with false criminal charges, brutally tortured in jail and even indicted as “leader of Jewish terrorist organization”. “They” don’t let go, my last arrest was in 2012, when I spent 2 months in jail for no reason, losing 20 lbs. to lack of kosher food.
Therefore, I dare not try to call to harm any leftists, including descendants of Kastner & Rabin, both biological and many more ideological, walking among us.
But beware, people, because new treachery sellout of Israel is being planned. That is why Michaeli & her ilk are so “proud”.
Death to traitors!