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Shifra Hoffman. Great Jewish Poetry
« on: April 26, 2014, 10:45:36 PM »
Pray for Shifra to have strength to endure tragedies that befell.
Shifra is our Matriarch, Jewish Joann of Arch, supporter & spokeswoman for Rav Kahane, ZT"L, from day 1 in 1968.
G-d bless Shifra!

by Shifra Hoffman

Oh miracles of miracles
Will wonders never cease
The world has just discovered
The true "obstacles" to peace

It's our Israeli settlements
This comes to no surprise
Did you have an illusion
That it could be otherwise

For Jews are always "obstacles"
In every generation
Whenever scapegoats are required
By any gentile nation

Beginning with Amalakites
Centuries ago
And Egypt's Pharaoh - who refused
To "Let our people go"

The Church-inspired crusaders
Renewed their battle cry
By forcing "Jewish obstacles"
"Convert en masse - or die."

Of course the Jews were the problem for
Inquisitors in Spain
And later for "pogromschicks"
In Russia and Ukraine

Then Hitler's Nazi Germany
Reached new levels of hate
Six million "Jewish obstacles"
THEY did annihilate

Now when with G-D's help there exists
The nations say "Trade Land for Peace"
No PEACE until you do"

Enough!  We've done more than enough
To grovel and appease them!
Only Israel's demise
Will ever please them

NOT ONE MORE INCH dare we give up
Of our hallowed soil
For those whose interests do not lie
In Jewish blood - just oil

With faith in the All-Mighty
As throughout history
Jews will survive all "obstacles"
And live - ETERNALLY