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“Common Core” the Marxist brainwashing of America’s schoolchildren

Suzanne Eovaldi — April 19, 2013
Vlad the Impaler must be dancing in his grave as the beast known as the Federal Education Department makes  the United States into Transylvania West by turning our public school system into its own, blood-sucking,  Communist training camp! Orwellian standards, end runs around local school boards, and ruination of states’ rights  are all part of the Obama administration’s dangerous Common Core initiative to strip our land of freedom.  Dr.  Alison Rampersad, a Co-Chair of Eye on U.S. Education, gave a Florida workshop a frightening heads up on what  really is in Common Core, slated to be a done deal within this year.  And what is most frightening is that teachers,  parents, educators, and legislators themselves don’t know what they are getting our children into.

Three huge stoppers Common Core is throwing up in front of our school children in this K-12 disaster include: 1.  Dumbing down of all levels of America’s public school system;  2.  Taking away the rights of states to individually  design, administer, and control their own schools;  3. Setting up a 400 point “Data Mining” paradigm that will  encode for the federal government a tracking system for each child.  Such data will include parental income,  babysitters, bus stops, and even political affiliations of Democrat or Republican/family voting patterns!

“This will change the way students and teachers interact in the classroom and how the education system works in  America,” Rampersad warned Floridians.  A crazy re-do of the already new, fuzzy math will require students to  count in tens, prompting one math expert to opine that this will never work.  Parents will not be allowed to enter the  schools, read their child’s textbooks (which have to be left at school), and would not have any local school board to  meet.  Technical manuals, especially relating to the R rating of attic insulations and the Ben Bernanke two step of  rules governing our financial systems, will become 70% of what our students will be reading.  The beloved classics  of literature that teach moral truths, right from wrong, responsible citizenship, and the value of liberty are already  being deconstructed along with the canon of early American history and literature.

Stephanie Austin, an advocate of explaining the dangers of wireless radiation, called the workshop audience’s  attention to what is known as commercial routers of the WiFi systems as each child must use a wireless tablet.   She handed out the public warning about WiFi in schools, issued by the American Academy of Environmental  Medicine: “Safer technology, such as use of hard-wiring, is strongly recommended in schools.”

As the No Common Core workshop wore on, cries of Communism, Socialism, and Marxism could be heard from  participants just learning about the underlying goals of the program.  Loyal United States citizens in every one of  our 50 states are being urged to call their state legislators and governor to deny Common Core’s infestation of our  public schools by the Federal Education Beast.

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