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War on Faith
« on: October 09, 2006, 02:14:26 PM »
I just read a New York Times front page article entitled "Where Faith Abides, Employees Have Few Rights".

Bare with me... I think this is important to read.

#1) That title in of itself is propaganda. Really what it is saying is that people who have faith and are employers are not trustworthy. The very title suggests that people who have faith treat people wrong... typical of the New York Times.

#2) The article is about a "nun in training" who was fired after she got cancer - and did have a point:

"Legislators and regulators are not the only people in government who have drafted special rules for religious organizations. Judges, too, have carved out or preserved safe havens that shield religious employers of all faiths from most employee lawsuits, from laws protecting pensions and providing employment, benefits, and from laws that give employees the right to form unions to negotiate with their employers."

On one hand I see the judges making special rules against people that believe there is one G-d and practice their beliefs. I truly believe that this is to help destroy the "religious" establishment because most of the government is secular and against it - which, of course, if because they don't like "all those morals and ethics" and wish to get rid of G-d so they can make their own set of rules instead.

Please also note that it is disturbing if people are treated worse in the religious working world than the secular since the secular would do any sick thing to raise profits.

#3) But on the other hand, who knows why the "nun-in-training" was actually fired. This article suggests that religious people start suing each other and this could cause a lot of problems for all religious organizations. I see this as an attack... from multiple sides.

#4) The reasoning for the judges' special rulings is the separation of church and state crap (which is arguably questionable using the constitution). This undermines the very belief in faith. Let me explain...

In school, kids are not allowed to talk about anything religious or pray on many campuses (unless it's islam or greek mythology - probably to help discredit faith). What this is basically saying to the millions of kids (the new generations before us) is that science, math, and english (basically any learning for the preparation of the work place) is real knowledge and that that whole G-d thing is nice and should stay at home. Think about that. It's basically saying that the Bible is not real knowledge and isn't important... it's just nice. This is dangerous...

#5) Why is this dangerous? We are losing our morals. Where else do we get our morality from beside the Bible? Faith is under attack for a reason. In a society that believes that criminals should be glorified (i.e. the extreme popularity of violent, materialistic, pimp worshipping, criminal idolizing, woman dehumanizing rap music), that society will ultimately have more and more criminals. It's inevitable. Even if the systems gets "tough on crime", there will just be another thug to take his place. It is popular to be a thug.

Only in a civilized society where murder, rape, pimps, prostitutes, thieves, and criminals are seen as NOT ACCEPTABLE behaviour for a functioning society, is there a steep drop in the amount of crime. We can see how this works in our own society in only the last 50 years or so.

We have all got to get together and do right by G-d... strengthen our morals, stand up for what is right, live lives that G-d would approve of, and abhor evil. Look at how accepted all these violent crimes are in islam and then compare that to the number of violent crimes they commit. We cannot allow our civil society to be taken over by atheists (in government, business, or in the media) who would do every evil thing under the sun for a dollar.

#6. Our socialist educational system, our government, and corporate america are telling us that we are only good for what we produce in goods and services (re-inforced by not allowing faith in the schools). People think that if you have a nice car, then you must be good. This is WRONG THINKING. We are not what we produce in goods and services. We are a soul. This devalues the meaning of human life and is also dangerous... a society that does this has fewer problems with abortion and might pay certain entertainment groups (like actors and athletes) way more money than the good they do for human kind.

Why would they do this? Because it's good business. Tell people they are worth goods and services because it makes a ton of money. Isn't this the worship of money? Of materialism? It's time to wake up.

I remember this film about the holocaust that was a big production where Orson Wells was the speaker. In the background, they were driving these bulldozers while shoving hundreds of rotting bodies into a giant pit. It was hideous. This BBC news reporter says "And this is how horrible a thing the Germans have done... they killed lawyers and doctors and professionals". So these Jews were only good for what they could produce? See how old this thinking is? It wasn't enough they were human beings? It's the whole western mentality that says you are what you do... and we are much much more than what we do. They wanted people to get really angry so they reminded them of what they product in our society. This is where we are finding value. This is wrong.

#7 Lastly, everyone is so wrapped up in entertaining themselves and selfishness that they can't stop to think about who they are or what they want or what they believe... they just identify themselves with what they own and make. We are an extremely materialistic society and we are paying the price for idolatry.

If we never learn what the Bible says and define what we know to be right and wrong, then we have no moral compass to guide us in the darkness.
"In the final analysis, for the believer there are no questions, and for the non-believer there are no answers." -Chofetz Chaim


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Re: War on Faith
« Reply #1 on: October 09, 2006, 02:46:03 PM »
With no moral compass, where are we? We are lost.

"Where there is no vision the people perish"(From the bible)

"If one blind man guides another, they will both end up in the ditch."(From a fantasy book)

Despite the different sources, both quotes are accurate.

If you have nothing to guide you where can you go?

With no aim, what can you achieve?

How can you be good without God, the following video has a strong christian ethos behind it, but makes a point I believe to be highly valid at this point:

Regarding the removing of religion, I posted the following a long time ago, but poepl ignored it, it is a documentation of incidents relating to this issue: