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Buying A M203 40mm Grenade Launcher and 40mm Grenade Rounds


Every Jew AK47:
Well, many of us are thinking about what guns we should buy for our personal arsenals, but some of you may not be aware of the benefits of owning a grenade launcher.   Most artillery is highly restricted by the government and requires a lot of detailed paperwork or impossible to acquire at all.  However, grenade launchers and grenade rounds are available and would make a great investment and important part of any person's arsenal.

Anyhow, I, myself do not have the money to invest in the setup, but for those who do, I encourage them to buy one while they can..   One day, when finances allow, I would like to purchase an M-203 launcher as well as a dozen or so 40mm rounds.  Many do not realize what type of investment this would be, but it would not be a cheap one.  Each grenade round is labelled an explosive device and would require a $200 tax stamp from the ATF to own, in addition to the cost of the grenade round.  As well, the 40mm grenade launcher is labelled a destructive device and requires another type of tax stamp from the ATF.   It will take around a year for any application for any destructive or explosive device to be processed by the ATF and be approved, so be prepared to invest both money and time in what will be a long and expensive process.

LMT (Lewis Machine & Tool) is a very reliable company that manufacturers high quality rifles and weapons, such as grenade launchers..  Here is their product line of M-203 launchers and accessories:

This will be the type of grenade launcher I purchase when finances allow me in the future:

If you do end up purchasing a grenade launcher and 40mm grenade rounds, you obviously will have to be sure they are legal in your state.  In the state I live, the launchers are legal, but the grenade rounds (40mm HE) are not legal to own, sadly.    These are NFA restricted weapons so it would help to go to ATF website to learn more about the laws , as well as learn about the laws in your state in regards to NFA restricted weapons.

Other NFA restricted weapons you may be familiar with are suppressors, short barreled rifles/shotguns, fully automatic weapons.   

If you really are resolved to take a body count of your enemies, an M203 is essential

Every Jew AK47:
Haa Yerusha..  It is just a weapon, like any other, used for self-defense.  It just is useful in those odd scenarios that require a bit more firepower and penetration instead of more conventional small rifle arms..  You never know when the jihadis will be rolling down the streets in tanks and you may need something a little heavier than your carry rifle.

I was just talking with another person on gun forums who introduced me to another very cool gun I would love to buy eventually.  It is the civilian-version of the Anzio Iron Works 20mm Vulcan  magazine fed rifle.  This is just one awesome beast of a gun and can probably be effective as an anti-tank or even serve as an anti-aircraft weapon with the right type of artillery based 20mm round.  Although, those rounds are probably not so available to the civilian population.  However, even the 20mm vulcan rifle rounds would be probably effective against heavy armor and tanks.


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