Author Topic: Here is what is wrong with Israel  (Read 7814 times)

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Here is what is wrong with Israel
« on: September 04, 2014, 05:21:31 AM »
It may have been a bat kol. But a few days ago I was asking mysefl. Why is Russian invading the Ukraine and Israel is getting flack for protecting Itself. I postulated that Putin had thru channels warned that any interference from the EU or Nato could bring about a Nuclear encounter. Wait I said, dosent Israel have a Nuclear arsenal, or possibly even more futuristic devices that may end an enemy offense seconds after it begins without the threat of fallout and live and destruction. Why is Israel not doing what Putin is no doubt doing. I bet my chelek in olam haba if Hashem finds me zoche that Putin know how to grab the West by the beitzim and keep kvelling and attempts to interfere to nil.

Today I read

Takah I was right. And Israel is wrong not to send the same message as Putin. Stop attacking Jews in Europe, stay out of our business as we defend ourselves or you tomorrow might not find Mecca on the map or the oil fields radiated beyond use.

Putin may be despicable. But I admire that he backs up his actions with threats that he is quite capable of carrying out.  Israel can do the same. Why are those weapons sitting gathering dust? Let the nations gnash their teeth at a nuclear threat from Israel, but they cant do anything about it, nor can the Arab/Muslim countries.  I think Israel give them what Truman did not give Tojo and the Japanese miliatary, a demonstartion of what the Israel can do if pushed. Their is plenty of open space in any oceans to explode a very small warning device of radioactive origin. How foolish are all of Israels Govts. :o

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Re: Here is what is wrong with Israel
« Reply #1 on: September 04, 2014, 10:58:03 AM »
The world knows Israel's working for their approval, so they make them pay for it, and never give it, or Israel will make them stop working. Putin scares them. Scaring the nations isn't what nice Jewish boys and girls do, but it's time to wash off that twisted exile "morality" and tell the world that Hashem wants what he wants, and we're more afraid of the creator of the universe than a couple genital-mutilators who want to destroy our country and the free world.
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