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Serbian Cetnik (šumadinac):
Some months ago a Serbian volunteer guard called "Dobrovoljavacka Garda Svetog Cara Lazara"(Holy Tsar Lazar's Volunteer Guard) was formed. In the media I read that the first day of the outing 5.000 Ex-Yugo war Veterans signed up.

As I travelled to Serbia a few weeks ago I found out some more. In two months the number has gone up 5 times. There are 25.000 volunteers. 60-70% Veterans. To my dissapointment you have to be 24 years old to join. As for my pride is concerned my Cousin joined the guard although his mother warned him "If you join it I'll hang myself" where he replied, "If I don't go down there it will be albanians that wíll hang you instead."

The guard is popular amongst the Serbian refugees from Republika Srpska Krajina(part of todays "croatia") and Republika Srpska ( part of todays "Bosna i Hercegovina"). They were to young to fight then but not anymore.

I talked to a guy from srpska and asked him
"This maybe sounds stupid because you're Serb and you want to defend your country but why do you want to go kosovo?"
"I want to stop the albanians from doing what the muslims did in bosnia"

Out of my 20-30 friends in Serbia, ALL of them will join the guard. Two are already 24 so they joined immediately and the rest will join soon.

I hereby swear that after the Kosovo war, I will travel to Israel and Terrorise the palestinians. Though I would need a guide and a translator that I could trust.

I am not sure that you are informed enough about that unit ???, but I am almost sure that our Jewish friends are ;).

Serbian Cetnik (šumadinac):
what do you mean :-\

i am glad to hear the Serbs are defending themselves, I just hope the US doesnt again interfere to save the Muslims from what they deserve.

it's funny how America is fighting AGAINST the terrorism , but still they are helping the Terrorists to give them KOSOVO, a province that always belonged to the Serbs! I really don't understand America's politics...can someone explain that to me?


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