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Mein Koran:

Opened this thread because I thought it would be fun. :)

Why were you attracted to JTF? What is your story? Are you religiously observant?

Mein Koran:

--- Quote from: muman613 on September 15, 2014, 09:45:01 PM ---Why were you attracted to JTF? What is your story? Are you religiously observant?

--- End quote ---

I had bumped into Chaim's videos years and years ago, so I was already acutely aware of JTF. But I only decided to sign up after doing some research on Judaism (I wanted to ask some questions) and after taking some courses on the history of the modern state of Israel and reading some books which really opened my eyes. I used to believe most of the lies about Israel and its founding and existence. However talking to some Israelis, and taking these courses, as well as reading some books I really had my views on the matter completely overturned.

As far as my story goes I don't want to get into too many details. But I was raised in an extremely hate-filled environment and was surrounded for most of my life by very extreme individuals who tried to brainwash me to hate non-muslims with some success until later in life (when I moved out of the house) I got really disgusted by their evil. I have cut off all contact with people from my that time. Still had a hostile attitude towards jews for another year until I met an orthodox rabbi who was very friendly and gave me some books.  I like to read books about religion and history, a subject I've only been interested in since I left my house and was able to obtain these materials.

As far as my religion goes, the Rabbi I met inspired me to read the Torah. I read it and I was really amazed, I had never read anything like it (it certainly didn't compare to the Quran). I decided to read the entire Tanach, which I also really loved. When I finished that, I decided to read the New Testament which I also really enjoyed. I also really love reading the early commentaries on these books. I have recently been taking an interesting in comparing the interpretations of the Psalms from the early Christians and Jews, there are so many similarities to be honest. I am halfway through St Augustine's commentary on the Psalms. When I am done I hope to read the Torah again with the commentary of Rashi (Ive read segments of his commentary already but I want to read the whole thing). But as far as my religion is concerned, I consider myself Catholic.

Thank you muman


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