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Ask Catnip I am from Nova Scotia Canada please ask me anything

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Thanks for the extensive answers, Catnip! One more point regarding Canada healthcare system, does it cover assisted living and geriatric care?

Assisted living or elder care, is it covered?  No, I don't believe so, I could be wrong on this but I think they're "Privatized." 

Nursing homes are big business here in Nova Scotia, as our economy stinks so bad all the young people are driven away, leaving behind an ageing (rural) population.  Some small rural NS towns, the biggest (and only) employers are the nursing homes.  Shannex is the big home care/nursing home company, it's owned by the Bragg family, they also own Eastlink (phone company) and Clearwater (seafood empire).

There are some "Manor Houses" which are like subsidized apartment buildings for seniors in Halifax (the capital and only city in NS). 

Oh and there is an "adult day care" which is like a day care for seniors, run by Capital Health, but it's only in Halifax and it's very small. 

By the way, thanks to the "social/environmental justice" activists and their fart catchers in the Liberal Party holding back economic progress in Nova Scotia, the young people are fleeing NS in droves because there are A. NO JOBS and B. the highest taxes in Canada.  In NS we have 3 Provincial political parties: The Liberal Party, the Progressive Conservative Party (No I'm not making that up, that's their real name, "Progressive" Conservatives, get it? Haha), and the NDP which is Socialist.  They are all controlled by the left wing special interest social justice groups.  So yeah there ya have it.

Do the socialists get their support from the rural population as well or just the Halifax metro area?

In Nova Scotia, Halifax is the bastion of NDP support and has been for the past 20+ years; we have a lot of government workers, civil servants (silly servants) and students in Halifax and they typically vote NDP (think public service unions, teachers unions, nurses unions).  Megan Leslie is NDP deputy federal leader, she is Member of Parliamant for Halifax.  Rural areas in NS more likely to vote along Conservative lines, for example Peter McKay, federal Cabinet minister (defense) is MP for Pictou County Nova Scotia (conservative party of Canada, ie Prime Minister Harper's party).  There is no Conservative provincial party in NS anymore, there is only the Progressive Conservatives.  They are not affiliated with the federal Conservative party, they split off. 

Rural Quebec punished the Bloc (left wing separatist party of Quebec) by voting NDP in last federal election.  NDP is now second largest federal party in Canada because of this.  Some NDP candidates in Quebec were just place-holders and didn't even expect to win at all, one was just a 19 year old kid who the NDP had kind of randomly put on the ballot so they'd have a name there LOL.  They were so shocked to win... Likely they will all be thrown out of office in the next federal election when Quebec votes for the Trudeau Liberals.  NDP not expected to be much a factor in next federal election.  It's Liberals (Trudeau) vs Conservatives (Harper)

The population centers in Ontario and Quebec and BC,  (Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver) vote Liberal and NDP...think Jean Chretien, Paul Martin, Justin Trudeau, Pierre Trudeau, Olivia Chow, Jack Layton... Layton was the NDP federal leader who died and was given a state funeral.  His widow Olivia Chow was MP for Toronto but left federal NDP to run for mayor of T-dot.  She is currently polling far behind the incumbent mayor, crack-addict and alcoholic right-wing conservative Rob Ford.  Ford dropped out the other day because his drinking has given him cancer.  Chow will still lose to candidate John Tory... 

Alberta votes Conservative, rural and urban.  Conservative Party is really the old Reform Party that came out of the old Western Independence movement, when Alberta premier Peter Lougheed fought against the socialist Pierre Trudeau in the 1970's.  In the 60's Canada elected a socialist govt, the Liberal Party.  Prime Minister Trudeau thought socialism was the future and cozied up to Cuba, Russia, China.  We had the big hockey summit series with Russia in '72.  Trudeau wanted to nationalize energy, and so Alberta threatened to separate and the Reform Party was born.   After the Mulroney tories were destroyed after the 1980s, the Reform Party took over the Conservative Party.  That's why nova Scotia has a "progressive conservative party," they were hold-outs who didn't want to join the Conservative-Reform Alliance Party (CRAP).

Zellhar You asked if socialist Health Care in Canada is overrated?

It is a basket-case.

All health care workers are in government public service unions, and they are now threatening to go on strike again.

Jason MacLean, NSGEU vice-president, arrested at protest


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