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Shalom from the Islamic Republic of Rusholme (Manchester UK)


Salaam Alekhom, greetings from Rusholme!

I'm a Apostate Jew (atheist now) who has been studying the Israel/Arab conflict for a long time. After closely looking and for a time a supporter of Palestinian rights, I've come to the conclusion that the story is very one sided for the Arabs. Pro-Palestinian leftists are starting to wind me up and some people are over obsessed with Israel, which has led me to realise that most of the claims these people make are lies. I have learned this from my hero Joseph Goebbells ahem, I mean George Galloway. He is probably one of the most dangerous anti-Semitic Nazis on the planet. Conveniently hiding away by saying "I'm anti-zionist not anti-semitic". I've also learned that socialism=nazism, and that these so called progressive peaceniks are nothing more than Nazi Sympathisers.

So with the famous farewell greeting in Ivrit, I bid you Let-hitler-rot.............. :dance:

You're right. Socialism does equal Nazism, and most people who claim to be anti-Zionist are actually anti-Semitic.


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