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Salutations from Paris


Shalom fellow JTFers,

As a young American Jew who grew up in Paris, I've witnessed and experienced more than my fair share of Jew hatred, from muhammedans, nazis, leftists and even from 'friends' and co-workers who don't know I'm Jewish. Last summer (2014) was especially bad, as the muslims and leftists staged massive riots and pogroms against many synagogues and Jewish businesses (most going unreported). I am concerned about the future of the Jewish people and Western Civilization as a whole, yet confident that Light shall ultimately triumph over Darkness.

Here is a taste of what’s coming to your neighborhood if the scurge isn’t stopped:

Am Israel Chai


Welcome to JTF.

Ephraim Ben Noach:
Welcome to JTF, that video is nuts! I LOVE YOUR NAME!!! :)


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