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AfricanCrisis: Praise from Serbs for the Jewish Task Force's Expose of Bill Clin


Hail Columbia:

--- Quote ---[I spotted something rather heartwarming, which I'd like to share with everyone. I spotted hits coming to AfricanCrisis and tracked it back to this website which seems to be Serbian.

I hope that the Serbians become regular visitors to AfricanCrisis and to the JTF website! It would be nice to make some new friends.

Unfortunately I cannot read their language but I hope they will visit us and chat to us from time to time. We're all on the SAME SIDE trying to save ourselves and what remains of the Western world. Jan]

They had this note:-
[Audio] Jewish Task Force attacks Clinton for killing Christian Serbs!

We want to express great thanks to this wonderful Jewish organisation for presenting real truth about Serbs to the American public.
Thanks again and keep up the good work.
Wish you all best!

Click here for the Serbian Website
--- End quote ---


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