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Greetings my Jewish brothers, and fellow righteous Gentiles! I have come to support my fellow Kahanists, to spread knowledge and to make allies.

I am not very religious though I support the secular Israelis. I am a little religious though, I myself am not really secular. But I think secular Jews, Gentiles and religious Jews and Gentiles should work together towards the same goals.

I consider myself a genetics expert, I have been studying genetics for a long time. If anyone has questions regarding genetics, you can come to me.

The reason I support militant Zionism:

It is crucial for the preservation of the Caucasoid peoples that there is a Jewish state...a lot of people don't realize that Jews and white people are the same race. Average white supremacists see Jews as others because of the fact that Jews originally come from the Middle East. However, whites themselves also came from the Middle East originally. Genetics supports the truth that white people and Jews were actually the same people thousands of years ago, living as one people in the Middle East. Eventually the whites separated and went to Europe, were they eventually got white skin because they had to adapt to the northern European climate.

What would become the Jewish people stayed in the Middle East, so that's why today they appear more swarthy than average Whites.

There is indeed a Caucasoid race. Genetics supports everything I have said. Jews and white Europeans are the same race. Stereotypical Jewish traits, such as big nose, brown eyes, etc. these are all Caucasoid traits. These traits did not come from Negrids or other races. Have you seen Negrid or Mongoloid noses? Come on, Jews are obviously Caucasoids.

Ashkenazi Jews are almost fully Caucasoid. They have <4% non-Caucasoid genes. That doesn't add up to much of anything. So yes we are the same race, we appear different because white people are less swarthy, because we had to adapt to European climate. Skin color actually does not matter when determining race. You look at Negrids and Aborigines, they are actually different races that could not be farther apart. When people see them they think they are the same, though.

People look at Fyvush Finkel and say this man is not true white:

If the white supremacists that claim this knew anything about genetics, they would know that this man is actually fully Caucasoid. There are no visible non-Caucasoid traits in him. Yet another fail for the white supremacists.

Genetically, we are the same people. Brothers, with the same origins. We are much closer to each other than to any other populations. Autosomally, Europeans plot mostly with other Europeans, but that's obvious. After other Europeans, we are closest to Jews and our Middle Eastern cousins. Arabs are also Caucasoids, HOWEVER, during and after the Islamic period, they mixed with Negrids and some Arabs have up to 30% Negrid. Unlike Jews, who were already in Europe by then.

ALSO, Jews have heavy Neolithic farmer admixture, and so do whites. Yet another way we are related. AND, Ashkenazi Jews have mixed heavily with white converts to Judaism a lot over the centuries, so that even adds more points to their whiteness score.

While Jews may APPEAR different from other whites (bigger noses, brown eyes, swarthier) these are actually still Caucasoid traits. These traits were NOT influenced by other races in ANY way. Biologically, we are the same. We look different on the outside sometimes but biologically we are one! We have been separated for a long time but our genetics are the same. We are both part of the Caucasoid race, and we share the same origins and the same blood. We had to adapt to harsh European climate, so we don't look exactly the same, but we are still both genetically nearly fully Caucasoid, just like our Middle Eastern ancestors years ago.

We think the same as well. Caucasoids share all the same genes, even the genes that effect our thought.

I want to make it important that the Caucasoid race is dying every day. Jews, especially secular Jews, are marrying non-Caucasoids. Lots of them. We have to preserve the Caucasoid race. The same race that gave birth to all the worlds geniuses, such as Einstein to name one.  :israel:

Welcome to JTF.

A few quibbles with your post though.

Anyone can become Jewish if they go through an Orthodox conversion. 

When we post here about non-whites doing bad things, we condemn them for their actions, and the evil cultures that excuse that type of behavior.  If it's whites doing similar bad things, we just as strongly condemn them as well. 


--- Quote from: Lisa on June 20, 2015, 07:26:10 PM ---Welcome to JTF.

A few quibbles with your post though.

Anyone can become Jewish if they go through an Orthodox conversion. 

When we post here about non-whites doing bad things, we condemn them for their actions, and the evil cultures that excuse that type of behavior.  If it's whites doing similar bad things, we just as strongly condemn them as well.

--- End quote ---

I agree about anyone can become Jewish, people who convert to Judaism and follow the rules and are good people, I do not mind them and I do not mind them in our gene pool.

Whites do just as much stupid things as non-whites, they also deserve criticism, of course.

My main point, is that many people, especially neo-nazis, see jews as genetic others and try to make it seem like Jews are some sort of different race. I am here to debunk those claims, with evidence that these are false claims. For centuries Jews have been seen as others by Europeans, but that's because in the 1800s we didn't know [censored] about genetics. Now we know that they are actually a part of the same race as us (whites). The neo-nazis who still truly believe Jews are any different from us genetically are living in the 1800s.

Yes, there is an illusion that makes Ashkenazi Jews look racially different from whites. They typically have different traits than the average European. However, it is an illusion, for beneath these traits lies the same blood...the same race. These traits are Caucasoid to begin with, anyways. You look at a Jewish person like Fyvush Finkel, neo-nazis always point to him to prove that Jews are "others". Well, news flash, he has no visible non-Caucasoid traits. Having a larger nose is actually clear indicator of someones whiteness, for have you ever seen a Negrid or a Mongolid nose? lol. Exact opposite of the 'Jewish nose'. And brown eyes? Well, half Ashkenazis are light eyed anyway, but Europeans partly descend from Neolithic farmers, who had brown eyes...soo...

and finally, darker skin. Well, yes, sometimes Ashkenazis appear more swarthy (although most of the time you cant tell a damn difference between them and average whites). But this doesn't mean they have non-Caucasoid ancestry. It just means they stayed in the Levant longer. You see, Europeans looked very similar at one point, we were not always 'white'. When what would become todays Europeans split from what would become todays Jews thousands of years ago (in the Levant) and came to Europe, after years and years they eventually developed what we call 'white skin' because this is what happens when you stay in such a climate for so long.  :)


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