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I am a college student from New England studying history and training to be an Army officer.
I am an halachic Jew who was raised 100% secular. I am now becoming more religious. I have been kosher to a degree since I was 4 and am just now starting to observe more mitzvot.
I love Israel and thought this site looked interesting. It can also be very lonely as a student if you are a right-wing Zionist.
I think a note on my views as they agree with or contrast to what I have read on here so far might be helpful for people to understand where I am coming from:

* I do not believe a "peace process" should be "solution" oriented: "peace" will not happen until it happens of its (by which I mean Hashem's) own accord
* The Jews are a nation and that nation has a land and that land is Israel. We have a G-d given right to it and that right is indivisible. There are no "types" of Jews: Ashkenzi/Sephardi, Orthodox/Reform/Secular. We are all one people, indivisible. We are not Europeans, whites, or Arabs: we are Semites who belong to 12 different tribes that make up the Hebrew ethnicity.
* I reject racism or prejudice in all forms: hate in and of itself is evil. We must fight hate with love but also defend ourselves from it by whatever means necessary
* It is wrong to hate other Jews, even if they hate us and help those who would hurt us
Thank you for accepting me into your community,
Israel ben Ze'ev haLevi



Welcome to JTF.



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