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Joe Gutfeld:
Shalom, Chaim!  What is your view on the Salem Witch trails?  How was your medical procedure go?

Dear Chaim, thoughts on the following people. Peter Allen, Keith Haring, Raven Symone, Adam Levine,  and Jason Collins

Dear Chaim, Has JTF concidered using crowd funding sites (,etc.) to try to raise money for a specific projects?

Israel Chai:
Fast declared today in response to stabbings. What else can ordinary Jews do right now? Who was Rav Kahane's rabbi b4 the chief sephardic rabbi? ty!

Lewinsky Stinks, Dr. Brennan Rocks:
How should we handle devout Orthodox rabbis who say that as fellow monotheists and their brothers from Abraham, Muslims warrant some level of respect? Compare Ben Carson today and Larry Flynt in 2008. I see many similarities, such as in their lazy, half-asleep personae .


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