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Dear Chaim, what exactly is schizophrenia? Can it be cured?

Joe Gutfeld:
Shalom, Chaim!  What do you think about Veterans' Day?  Also, do you think that the US should do more for the people who fight for the country?

Binyamin Yisrael:
1. Why do most Catholics tend to vote Democrat even though their church opposes homosexuality and abortion? 2. What do you think about the Secret Service paralyzing major cities when the Pope visited at tax payers' expense? 3. Discuss John Boehner resigning after his emotional moment with the Pope. Is the Pope responsible? 4. Is Boehner a closet Leftist?

Fasten your seat-belt. Someone posted that Jenna 'cant-keep-legs-closed' Jameson is converting.

Rational Jew:
1.neo-nazis calling themselves Drs attempt to emulate comicbook villains? 2.Russian planecrash 2.IronSheik 3.'failedmessiah' 4.Chernobyl 5.MontyPython


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