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Ask JTF for 11/09/2015 through 11/15/2015

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1) Parshat Vayeitzei Dvar Torah. 2) Paris attacks, is it a punishment for what they are doing to Israel? 3)Genetic testing (23andme) Are you familiar?

Shalom. Please educate, inform and enlighten about Meyer Lansky

Please discuss Glenn Beck's efforts against Islam,  including his new book ' It IS about Islam?

Mein Koran:
comments 1. Cenk Uyghur of "The Young Turks" 2. Sam Seder 3. Trigger Warnings and Microagressions 4. Should france commit suicide to stop islamophobia

Gam Bashan veGam Gilad:
Hello Dear Chaim, Netanyahu talked about Israel & United States & Europe getting together to fight a "unite battle" against ISIS. Is this possible? TY


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