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Rational Jew:
1.Expose Jewish Women Archives. 2.Moldova. 3.Kurd honor kill. 4.Most to least devout muslim: khomeini, taliban, arabfag, boko haram, bin laden, isis

Do you think there's any symbolic meaning behind Obama looking so much like Akhenaten? Is it a warning from God by making his face like the Pharoah?

Leftists always strive to show blacks in the best light so why did they make a star of Whoopi Goldberg who is arguably the ugliest 'woman' on Earth?

Dear Chaim: (i) Black men / KFC make black lives not matter (ii) According to Ha’Rambam, what are the criteria for Moshiach - will he wear a Streime

Dr. Dan:
1.FoxBuisnessNews debate?Better for Cruz?Kasich outbursts2.BDS at Kotel but Jews can't be on Temple Mount?3.Dvar Torah Toladot


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