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Shalom from London


Hugo Judd:
I am here out of curiosity. I grew up in North London, my school was about 30% Jewish. I formed a very positive view of Judaism, I believe in G-d, but I'm not religious-like I love Christopher Hitchens apart from the G-d bit.

I am horrified about events in the middle east, but am not here for a fight about Israel.I wish to learn whether there could be a pro Zionist position that does not involve any form of Racism, or Religious bigotry. My starting point is that the pro-anti Zionist argument is out of date, it is just a debate rooted in conflicts cause by Colonial powers messing with populations & borders(not least of which the British). The reality is that there is a Jewish state in place that is dynamic, growing, stable, strong & healthy. The people born there cannot be blamed for the PLACE of their birth. So this is where we are now, I want to learn more about how to move forward positively.

Welcome to JTF.


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