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We will get 8 (not 12) MiG-29s from Belarus for free, and we will pay for overhaul and modernisation. But, they are also giving us 2 divisions (2 x 3-4 batteries) of Buk air defence systems, which will also be modernised.

Israel Chai:
Serbia should push Trump to sit on or support Serbia kicking out the illegal immigrants now. He beat Clinton, maybe he'll be as much of a friend if you ask as she was an enemy.

On the IDEX internatianall Army Expo, we showed first Serbian balistic missile Shumadia with 300km range (282km in the test). Warhead 200kg.

Army is getting 12 Lazar 3 IFV/APC (30mm autocannon) and 12 Nora B-52 155mm SPG.
Police (Special Anti-terrorist Unit) is geting 6 MiloŇ° 4x4 armored vehicles (12,7mm machinegun) and Gendarmery is getting 6 Lazar 3 (12,7mm machinegun).

Products of Serbian military industry.

It would be nice if someone would make the same topic for the Israeli Army.


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