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Final day of Lighting Strike exercize:

"Serbian military strength to be significantly increased and changed withing the next 9 months."

President of Serbia, 27.06.2021.

At begining of the year, Serbia received 4 MiG-29 from Belarus. It was a donation, of their used planes. We paid for overhaul and first phase of modernisation in Belarus.

Serbia now fields 14 MiG-29 (11 single seater, 3 dual seater - for training). That is the bare minimum for a single squadron.

All single seaters will be modernised further, in the second phase of modernisation.

Even when second phase of modernisation is complete, we will still be behind Croatia (who will get 10 + 2 Rafale F3-R, far more advanced fighters), Hungary who is leasing 12 Gripen C/D (a lighter but again far more advanced than our 29s) and Bulgaria (who is buying the latest variant of F-16V Block 70, far more advanced than our MiGs).
At least we are no longer enemies with Hungary, since 2013.

Serbia to buy Spike LR2 anti-tank missiles from Israel.

BARS-2021, a joint aviation exercise with Russia, kicked off in Serbia

"The Russian-Serbian exercises "Bars" (Brotherhood of Aviators of Russia and Serbia) are annual and are held alternately on the territory of the two countries. This year they started on October 11 in Serbia and will last until the 16th. They involve MiG-29 aircraft and Mi-8 and Mi-35 helicopters of the Air Force and Air Defense Forces of Serbia."


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