Author Topic: If someone tosses a Bible down the loo, no one cares, but if it's a quran...  (Read 1870 times)

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Someone at "Pace University" tossed a quran down the toilet, so naturally a huge fuss has been kicked up...

Now imagine it had been a bible, what would have happened?

I'll save you the effort of thinking, the answer is of course nothing.

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I was in a book store, and I coughed in the general direction of a shelf of Queer-ans.  Will Allah punish me now?
I LOVE dogs because muslims do not!!!!  Have your dog kiss a muslim today!

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I shiite and piss in the general direstion of that vile, violent and disgusting book of lies and concocted cult of islam. One of the posters here putthi picture up a while back and I saved it.


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I was actually asking for comments on people's opinions of the double standars in this world... Oh well... (I'd seen the pics before)