Author Topic: JTF This Week: Trump, GOP betrayed Roy Moore; Yehudah confronts Yosef  (Read 911 times)

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Please publicize this important video everywhere possible.

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Re: JTF This Week: Trump, GOP betrayed Roy Moore; Yehudah confronts Yosef
« Reply #1 on: December 18, 2017, 07:57:18 AM »
Judge Moore was smeared by Ambulance chaser Gloria Allred and her bimbos.  Her daughter, Lisa Bloom,  has been doing the same line of work as her unlawful, unethical mother.   No doubt  about it,  Roy Moore was smeared, and there was no proof whatsoever that he did any of these things 40 years ago. (more like Nelson was unhappy with a decision made on the bench by Judge Moore about her divorce case.) Give over the yearbook,  (Nelson admits making changes to it.).   Mitch McConnel was also behind this set up,  how many illegal voters were there in Alabama and voted....some blacks were given cell phones to get their lazy carcasses out and vote for Jones,  who is pro-abortion, pro-amnesty, a liberal progressive globalist who is one of the George Soros crowd.  Nobody is fooling the many of us about what happened.   The Left is also trying to smear Gene Simmons too,  saying he put a woman's hand on his knee.   Big deal.....I know of rockers that have done far worse.   The Left is smearing a Jew here.

Watch out for the Smut peddlers,   they have grown vile and desperate to trash and smear good people to stop them from governing with honesty and integrity.     They push for a European society where anything goes,  no accountability, and floods and floods of vile filth are the news now,  not Jobs, trade deals, or National Security.    Whether you like President Trump or not,  be glad he is at least aware of the threats we are facing from North Korea, and Iran,  rogue nations that want to wipe us out, and Israel as well.  We can't explain why God picks leaders but Daniel 2:21 tells us that He changes Times and Seasons,  he removes Kings and sets them up,  he gives wisdom to the wise, and knowledge to them that know understanding.

I heard that on December 13,  Hamas fired Rockets at Israel,  all missed their marks,  and damaged only a UN school.    Palestinians, (Fakestinian) terrorists, operating out of the Hamas ruled Gaza Strip fired four rockets at Southern Israel's Iron Dome,  A. third rocket landed in the open field, and the fourth rocket fell short of Gaza security fence, and instead impeached the United Nations run public school in Northern Gaza town of Beit Hanoun,