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Anti-Israel shill in Youtube comment section


Same username, different profile pictures. I have reloaded the page, thinking that he changed the picture after writing the first coment, but it is the same. How is that possible??? :o

Israel Chai:
Well he's both dumb and a liar, as Jew-haters have a habit of being. First off, they don't defend themselves, no one attacks, they attack. Alot. Who exactly banned them? Second, they're an Islamic imperial outpost, and the entire muslim world helps them militarily, and the rest of the world helps them financially. And it should be said finally that there are no "Palestinians", they are Arabs that are encouraged to come kill Jews there from all over the world, like the Boston bomber's mom tried to push him to, and the other way they attack besides violence is with pretending they're the victims, leftists appreciate cry bullying and are happy to submit to it.

As for the account, maybe he has 2, no idea, who cares.


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