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Re: JTF This Week: Jewish view of Satan; American Jews during the holocaust
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The platform of the good of Israel is the true right - which operates only for the sake of Heaven, without any interests at all.
And it is the movement that will work to unite the entire Jewish people into one body for the sake of God's glory in the world.

And it is also the faithful movement for the Greater Land of Israel, which will work to implement this great idea.

And it will also act with all its might to instill in the State of Israel all the values ‚Äč‚Äčof Judaism in all the institutions of the state.

"The good of Israel" - is a highly revolutionary Jewish-Israeli movement that operates with all its might and vigor - solely for the sake of Heaven - for the integrity of the Israeli-Divine ideology in the world. All of the movement's great principles and ideas are based on the integrity of the people of Israel, the Land of Israel and the Torah of Israel.

The main ideal of the movement's spiritual and social goals and aspirations is to improve and rehabilitate, fundamentally, the poor spiritual-national state of the Jewish people in its Jewish state in the Land of Israel and to transform it into a well-ordered and moral nation with a strong and genuine national pride, The ultimate redemption of Israel, as well as the complete, morally corrupt and morally reprehensible correction of all the nations of the world, which will consequently bring about the whole of humanity by virtue of the great spiritual power of the people of the world, Israel - to their final and desired redemption (Geulat Olam).

These are the three most important national goals of Israeli-divine ideology:

A. On the political level: To raise the national pride of the great nation of Israel above all the nations, and even to elevate its national standing with its head high and without fear in front of all the countries of the world, and even stand up and stand up with a very stubborn request. The most powerful of all, against the heavy international political pressure that is constantly and constantly exerted on the leaders of the State of Israel so that the Arab enemies of Israel will be left with large parts of the liberated territories of the Promised Land of Israel, even without any compensation whatsoever For their part.

B. On the military level: To nurture and increase the military strength and bravery of the Jewish people, with full and complete confidence in the God of Israel, against all the Arab enemies of Israel (who are considered, by Judaism, as enemies of God) until their swift, final, The fear of fear and fear to act resolutely and resolutely for the peace of the promised, great and perfect Israel, whose borders extend according to the Torah of Israel, the Nile River, Egypt, the Great River and the Euphrates River, Iraq, and then apply Israeli sovereignty over all these liberated territories Jewish state of Israel, for the entire Land of Israel was given only to the people of Israel by the Holy One, blessed be He, for the inheritance of the world, until the end of every echo. And Ruth.

third. On the social level: To correct and improve all the bad and evil aspects of Israeli Jewish society (eg, the pursuit of honor and publicity, political interests, egoism, arrogance over others, intolerance towards others, personal dishonesty, etc.). Such as: humility, modesty, love and respect for others, cooperation for the public, charity for the individual, fairness and personal integrity, and more), and especially on the public level, those dealing with public needs for Israeli society, Heads of municipalities, and other personalities and political activists, employees of government ministries or municipalities.

The goal of correcting and cultivating virtues is that all public figures - by virtue of their integrity - will serve the public fairly and honestly only for the sake of Heaven, without any narrow interests, personal or sectarian. Thus, with their high moral strength, they will serve as a personal example to the entire Israeli public (which are very grave phenomena, morally), so that they learn how to behave in a good and honest manner in their personal and national lives.

And by virtue of personal and public integrity, together with the unity of a strong and true Israel, will bring all the people of Israel to a sharp and positive change to a better and more refined social life, similar to the people of God, chosen from all nations to represent the greatest divine idea in the world: "Light to the Nations", in order to correct and illuminate, spiritually, the darkness and lowliness of the moral-social life of the peoples of the world, and thereby remove them from all their wickedness and many foolishness and even lead them to the path of good and integrity, That is, to accept the yoke of the heavenly kingdom, together with the fulfillment of the seven commandments of the sons of Noah), which will lead them to the redemption of the world, in which they will cease and cease altogether, Who are the bad, corrupt world, and bring all humanity to world peace, with no conflicts and wars at all ( "and La Ilmdo One more Mlhmh")The final trend of all these great and lofty ideas in our time:

- To raise, raise and multiply, the glory of God in the world.

And all this will be created and created, while the national honor of the people of Israel will rise above all nations (for Israel and God are one!) And will become a supreme spiritual power that will, morally and morally, affect all human society in the world.

how? - While all the nations of the world will see that everything the prophets of Israel prophesied about the redemption of Israel in the end of days is taking place and taking place before their very eyes - when the people of Israel depart from exile and return to the land of Israel, settle in it and even spread its deserts - , Who created the world, is especially the God of Israel and that they are God's people, and they too are a "people of glory" and a "supreme people" of all the nations chosen by the Holy One, blessed be He, , The greatest divine gospel in the world (which brings about the correction of all of humanity), and even to them, and only to them, a succession was promised - by divine oath - all the land of Israel as a whole (and not to foreigners, especially not to the Arab peoples). Of all the nations, and they will be willing to accept the yoke of the kingdom of the Holy One, Blessed be He, in the world, at the center of which will stand with the great nation of Israel, "a wise and wise nation". To elevate them from their morbid moral state and even to correct all their evil ways and deeds ("to correct the world in the kingdom of God"), and thus all human society will reach its ultimate goal.

The intention of the movement is to inspire and inspire a new, revolutionary, strong and resolute national-Israeli spirit that is based entirely on Judaism, which will bring about a great intellectual-spiritual transformation in Israel, and whose sole purpose is to uproot the Diaspora spirit Jewish-Israeli nationalism) and to completely prevent the negative influence of Western culture (which morally corrupts the Israeli-Jewish psyche), and even to fully rectify all the evil and ugly aspects of Israeli society (especially among public figures). Must deal with public needs only honestly and faithfully).

The implementation of this great spiritual revolution will lead the people of Israel - together with a full unity of Israel - to a real and sharp change, and also from the very foundation of all those lost and lost views and views (which have been misinterpreted and accepted today in Israeli society) ), Which distort and distort the entire world of values ‚Äč‚Äčand concepts of Judaism, and which are prevalent among various political movements and sectors in Israel, which continue to affect, in all their intensity and severity, all the national Israeli thought and the course of our national life in the State of Israel. Israel. But the great spiritual power of this fundamental change will ultimately bring the Jewish people to its full repair, and will even move it forward - with pure Jewish views, as well as with real practical national actions - to redemption, the complete redemption of Israel, All of it, the long awaited international message, namely: redemption of the world
These are the principles of the divine ideology of the Jewish people in the world:

A. The absolute faith in God is to believe only in the one God in His world who created and oversaw the entire world and His leader, who is also called the God of Israel, who chose the people of Israel to be a "special nation" (Torah Shebichtav and Oral Torah), and even swore to them all the Greater and Complete Land of Israel, whose border extends from the Nile River to the Euphrates River.

B. The multiplicity of the glory of the Lord in the world: at any time and at any time, to increase and elevate, elevates the glory of the Holy One, blessed be He, in the world, for this is the purpose and purpose of all of creation.

third. Jewish nation:

1. To cultivate the recognition that the people of Israel are the chosen people of the Holy One, Blessed is He, and that He is a "people of excellence" from all the nations, as well as a "supreme people" over all the nations of the world.

2. To raise the supreme national honor of the Jewish people in the world, as the sole representative and emissary of the divine idea in the world, in order to correct all humanity under God's dominion in the world.

3. To grant the State of Israel privileges to the Jewish people, which according to the Torah are given priority over the rest of the foreign citizens of Israel (this is God's will, for this is what he decided and ruled for his beloved and beloved sons).

4. The unity of Israel - to unite and not to divide all the people of Israel for common national-Israeli sacred goals.

D. Love of Israel: Always act with love, peace and friendship for every Jew, provided that he does not betray the people of Israel, the Land of Israel or the State of Israel, and will not miss the many. Therefore, we must always act for the mutual love and respect between Jews.

God. Unity of the Nation: To constantly strengthen and strengthen the internal peace of the Jewish people in Israel, while constantly neutralizing the forces of evil, which cause free hatred and separation in Israel. Therefore, we must always act with love for the unification of the nation between the various movements and sectors in Israel ("right", "left", "ultra-Orthodox," "religious," "traditional" and "secular"). Different. Unity of the Israeli nation - is the true correction of the free hatred that caused the Second Temple to be destroyed and we have been exiled from our land for nearly 2000 years. Therefore, the Third Temple will never be created in the separation and division of the nation, but only in true unity and free love.

and. The Redemption of Israel: To advance and accelerate according to the spirit of Judaism the redemption, the redemption of Israel. There are differences of opinion, whether in the past redemption began or not, but today there is a general consensus, and there is no dispute that we are at the time of redemption or on the verge of redemption. Therefore, everyone believes that the complete redemption will be performed by Mashiach Ben-David very soon. Faith in the coming of the Messiah, that the Messiah will come and redeem us, and we will wait for Him every day.

G. The inheritance of the Land of Israel:

1. To increase the military strength and bravery of the Jewish people against all the Arab enemies of Israel, and especially against the terrorist regime of Hamas and the PLO until their ultimate destruction, and to conquer from them all the territories that were given to them by "mistake" by the Israeli governments, And then apply Israeli sovereignty and sovereignty over all of these occupied and liberated territories and settle there.

2. To recognize the right of exclusive ownership by the people of Israel over the Greater and Greater Land of Israel.

3. To rectify the sin of the ten spies, who have committed an evil libel against the Land of Israel, and since that time all Jewish-Israeli history has been destroyed and destroyed ("weeping for generations").

4. To encourage mass immigration to the Promised Land of Israel in order to settle there.H. The ideology of the Land of Israel has been completed: to greatly strengthen the people of Israel with the great idea of ‚Äč‚Äča complete Land of Israel, with all its Biblical boundaries, stretching from the Nile River (Egypt) to the Euphrates River (Iraq). In order to promote the great idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthe integrity of the Land of Israel, so that it would come to fruition, the conquest of the Land of Israel and settlement in all its expanses ("the commandments of the inheritance of the Land of Israel"), and we would strongly oppose any transfer of territories from Eretz Israel to our Arab enemies That ").

ninth. The Torah of Israel: We will always work with all our might to strengthen and deepen the values ‚Äč‚Äčof Judaism everywhere in the State of Israel, in order to give the State of Israel a true Jewish character and not universal values ‚Äč‚Äčthat are contrary to the spirit of Judaism. The nations, giving absolute freedom to the individual).

Y. War against the Reform Movement: Always act in the spirit of Judaism! Therefore, the liberal anti-Jewish liberal ideas of the Reform movement in Israel (such as consent and encouragement for assimilation, activity against the Israeli occupation in Judea and Samaria, activity in favor of the Arab enemy, recognition of civil marriage), which contradict the spirit of Judaism and common sense, must never be tolerated.

K. Faith in reward and punishment: to believe in the perfect belief that every person has a good or bad reward for all his actions in his life, both in this world and in the next world. Therefore, a person will receive a good reward for each of the mitzvot of the Torah or for any good deed that he will do in this world, and in contrast he will be punished for all his transgressions.

L. (Films and movies, and lascivious literature - which must not be marketed and sold to the public - cinemas and clubs and pubs designed for prostitution and burglaries - which must be closed and locked immediately), since all The exclusive purpose of pornography is to evoke momentary pleasure and cheap sexual stimulation. According to the Torah, this is a serious prohibition, because dealing with it spoils and corrupts morally the entire Israeli society in a very difficult manner, and especially Israeli youth, which unfortunately turns from bad to worse, - A spirit of profanity (in crude words), and even causes Sexual Violence against Women. Therefore, there is no alternative, but every Jew must sanctify and purify his eyes and actions from all these forbidden sights and deeds.

On the other hand, we must create a real alternative to this and establish good and kosher channels that will raise values ‚Äč‚Äčin the spirit of Judaism that will stop this social decline and sanctify and purify our national Jewish life.

M. It is necessary to know that according to the Torah, male lying is an actual incest, and it is extremely heinous, even more severe than the prohibition of a man's wife, and according to the law it is necessary to be killed and not to fail in this grave sin. Therefore, it is forbidden to meet with one of the LGBT communities or their heads or those who support it, because it is legitimizing their evil and ugly deeds, unless they wish to correct themselves and stop completely sinning from this grave sin.

In addition, some of the existing parties in the Knesset must abolish the LGBT cells within their party, because of the encouragement of incest (since no party will establish a cell that encourages marriage with married women).

Hand. Jewish morality: morality is the main principle! After all, the entire Bible is full of morality!

Therefore, our movement will always operate in every place in a moral manner, and not deviate from the right and right path, which can cause harm to others or to the public or to the State of Israel and its laws (of course, these laws do not contradict the spirit of Judaism).

If the real right wants to rule the country instead of all the left-leaning political forces (which have morally corrupted their path), it must be first of all moral and also a personal example.O. Good qualities: To improve and correct all the evil and deplorable qualities, especially the level of pride - to be very low, and not to boast or patronize others, and the degree of anger - to control our spirits and be patient towards others. And to strengthen personal integrity - to act with others in a moral and fair way, out of pure heart and clean hands, while preventing theft and theft; To strengthen public integrity - to do social justice, and not to cause injustice to a person or a public; To enjoy only ourselves - to be independent, independent of others or of a world power, such as the United States; Assistance to the needy - to greatly increase in giving to the weaker segments of the society and not to accept anything from others (and if we receive it, it is to give the needy what we have received); To be heroes and not cowards - you must not be afraid at all but to be only careful and dangerous, in addition to increasing the absolute confidence in God.

P. War against the enemies of Israel The Arabs: to begin with determination in the most difficult and cruel war, in an iron fist, against all the Arab enemies of Israel, and especially against the Hamas and PLO regime, until their ultimate destruction.

17. Hostile communication: To remove and remove from all positions and positions all the extreme left-wing broadcasters on state radio and television, especially those with influence over Israeli public opinion, who take advantage of their role and create a bond of camaraderie and friendship with the Arab enemies of Israel, "Because this crime has legitimized and legitimized the Arab enemy to murder Jews.

Therefore, we must denounce and denounce all these bad newscasters everywhere, because this is a grave violation of Israel's security and the national dignity of the people of Israel, and they also blatantly violated the national red lines, since no normal country in the world will tolerate this criminal behavior As collaborators with the enemy, as terrorists), and therefore it is absolutely forbidden to compromise with them until they are completely removed (from their role to broadcast).

On the other hand, we must build a reliable state communication system, which faithfully represents most of the Jewish society in the country, and will encourage brotherhood and love between all sectors of the Jewish people and will prevent any encouragement of our Arab enemies on the state channels.

. The uprooting of the leftist power centers: To eliminate in a democratic way all the extreme leftists who control all the centers of power in the state and replace them with Jews who are truly loyal to God, the Torah of Israel, the people of Israel and the Land of Israel. Therefore, we must fight with all the might and force in all the leftist power centers in the country, which have been taken over by a huge sum of foreign international funds, so that they will have no adverse effect on the opinions or actions of the citizens of the country.

Most of the war will be directed against the large and extensive activity of the anti-Israeli organization "The New Israel Fund" and its 90 organizations (such as B'Tselem, Breaking the Silence, Rabbis for Human Rights and Adalah). Therefore, the New Israel Fund and its many organizations must be removed from the law.

19. The majority of the justices of the High Court of Justice are a very extreme leftist group, but marginal, which is completely cut off from the people and the land. Unfortunately, they do not do justice from a national-Jewish point of view, but they are the ones who are offensive and harmful. (Arab MKs openly declare their support for Arab terrorism against the Jewish state!), Authorize the transfer of territories from the Promised Land to our Arab enemies, And also confirm the release of terrorists who murdered Jews in terrorist activity, dismiss arrogantly (Such as limiting infiltrators and regulating Jewish settlement in Judea and Samaria), which effectively strengthen the sovereignty and sovereignty of Israel as a Jewish state. Just a judicial dictatorship! After all, they, as a minority group, took over all the nation's national values ‚Äč‚Äčagainst the law and dictated and forcibly imposed their evil left-wing ideology.

Therefore, in a democratic way, they must be immediately replaced and replaced by honest and decent judges who judge according to the principles of Jewish morality, who will really care only for the Jewish state alone and not for its destruction and destruction. In addition, a war against the anti-Jewish judges of the High Court of Justice must be launched with all its might, until it becomes a real Jewish court, which bases Israeli law solely on the basis of Jewish law (based on Jewish law according to the Torah of Israel) International law, which contradicts the spirit of Judaism.about. Army of Israel: Recognize the importance of the supreme spiritual and physical role of the Jewish army in the State of Israel:

1. It provides good protection to the citizens of Israel against all enemies of Israel.

2. The occupier of all the territories of Palestine that were handed over to the Hamas regime and to the "Palestinian" Authority and the liquidator and destroy all their terrorists. There is no need to point out that wherever occupied, no more will be returned to our enemies.

3. In both of them, in the defense of Israel and the conquest of the Land of Israel, the name of Heaven is sanctified in the world.

And the ideal and vision of Mashiach ben David: to conquer all the promised, great and complete land of Israel promised to Israel by the Holy One, blessed be He, and whose territory stretches from the River Nile (Egypt) to the Great River Euphrates River (Iraq) To destroy or expel from it all of Israel's physical and spiritual enemies.

21. Jewish heroism: to nurture national Jewish-Israeli heroism and trust in the God of Israel, for only he will defend and save us from the enemies, and not trust and rely only on our physical strength (and it is clear that security in God, !) Or leaders of the countries of the world, since they are not always acting according to real practical considerations, but according to the political or economic interests of their country.

22. Recruitment to the Israeli army: Every Jew must enlist in military service in the State of Israel in order to protect the state from our Arab enemies (from the psychological restraint, especially the danger to the lives of all the Jewish citizens of the country), and even to conquer all the territories of Palestine : Hamas and the PLO.

The enlistment of the ultra-Orthodox and women into the army - will be discussed in the future against the leaders of Israel, against the unity of the nation.

23. Drug war: To prohibit the use and growth of all types of drugs, including both the harsh and the mild drugs, including the cannabis drug. The permit to use this drug will only be approved by a doctor who needs his health, but not at all. He will become addicted to this poisonous drug and endanger his life). You have to know that all drugs are toxic, including cannabis, and they are dangerous to any person, and after a while they severely harm the body and soul, and even gradually kill him.

We must fight against all the drug networks that distribute hard and easy drugs in Israel, and in particular, the Arab enemies of Israel, both domestic and foreign, and therefore have to be punished with the utmost punishment in order to completely eradicate the phenomenon of drugs in the country.

jug. Social justice: To act for the sake of Heaven always for justice and social equality, that the state budget (or city or town or village or moshav) be divided according to egalitarian and equal criteria, only for the benefit of the general public and never on a sectoral basis Public!). And to fight against any injustice and injustice done by government ministries (such as welfare, law, finance) until the injustice is completely removed.

Therefore, it is strictly forbidden to form a coalition with a budgetary threat to institutions and religious sites (yeshivas, synagogues, mikvahs, etc.), because of the plundering of public funds, which also causes the desecration of God, but only to condition the entry into the coalition in order to strengthen And to strengthen true Judaism in all the state institutions of the state.

so. Death penalty for terrorists: Act in the Knesset to impose a death sentence on every Arab terrorist who murders an Israeli, instead of life imprisonment today, because all the terrorists are terrorists who act on behalf of the Arab enemies of Israel in order to destroy or destroy the Jewish state.

A Jew who killed an Arab will never be defined as a terrorist, because he was not sent by the Arab enemy, whose ultimate goal is to destroy and destroy the State of Israel.

. Prohibition of meetings with terrorists: To act in Knesset legislation that every Israeli citizen who meets with terrorists or their leaders (such as the PLO, Hamas and Hezbollah) or with international organizations hostile to the State of Israel (such as the BDS) Only the leadership in Israel, the Prime Minister or the Government of Israel, is the sole governmental authority of the State!), Or supports and identifies with their activities against the State - he will be considered a traitor in the State, and if he is a member of the Knesset or Minister or President - For treason.

27. State security: Every security man will be allowed to kill and kill every terrorist, even a neutralized terrorist, and he will never be prosecuted for it.

The orders to open fire against terrorists must be absolutely clear, and therefore any terrorist who attacks a Jew or assists his murderer is liable to death! And therefore must be killed immediately at the scene of the murder, and never left alive.

Power. The prohibition against waving PLO and Hafs flags: To legislate a law in the Knesset that anyone who identifies with or displays with the flags of the Arab enemy, such as the PLO or Hamas or Hezbollah, will be punished with the most severe punishment, as a person who supports terror organizations against the state, for the whole purpose of these organizations To destroy and destroy the State of Israel.Question: What is the definition of a terrorist?

 Answer: A murderer or murderer who acts on behalf of the Arab or Arab terrorist organizations to murder Jews or collaborators to Israel (non-Jewish collaborators working for the benefit of the state), and his sole purpose is to undermine the existence and destruction of the Jewish state.

29. The Law of Return: In the Law of Return, only a Jew or a Jew who was born to a Jewish mother or a gentile who converted to Judaism will be defined. The authority to define who is a Jew or to convert non-Jews will be determined according to Jewish law only by the Chief Rabbinate of Israel only (in order to prevent Conservative or Reform conversions that are not proper).

To. Building the Third Temple: The movement believes that the Third Temple will be built on the Temple Mount in the future and that it will also be a prayer house for all nations. The Holy Temple is the holiest place in the Land of Israel, and therefore every effort must be made to transfer to the State of Israel the absolute control over the Temple Mount and the Temple Mount, thereby removing the disgrace and humiliation of the hostile Jewish foreign government over the place That saint.The ultimate goal of the Movement's activity is to increase God's honor in the world.

And in order to realize and fulfill this supreme and lofty goal, we must act with infinite persistence for the integrity of the people of Israel, the Land of Israel and the Torah of Israel.

The People of Israel is a holy nation and the chosen people, chosen by all the nations by God, and it is a people of all nations and a supreme people over all nations.

The land of Israel is the land of holiness, the Divine Presence dwelled on it, and it is a very good country, which excelled in its glory and its supreme power to raise, nurture and nurture the people of Israel for its greatest divine purpose in the world.

The Torah of Israel is the divine ideology that was given to the people of Israel at Mount Sinai. In order to correct the people of Israel and all of humanity as a whole under the rule of the kingdom of God in the world The principles of the movement - in relation to its activists:

A. Every activist must believe in the ideology of a complete Land of Israel.

B. Every activist must act in the spirit of Judaism, and never stand against it or fight it.

third. Every activist must be a moral person who always works for the true ideology of the movement on a moral basis, so that he will not deviate from ideology and choose to engage in "physiology." The personal morality of every activist stands at the top of the movement's mind.

D. (Ie, not to use obscene words) and not to curse any Jew, but rather to respect every Jew as a Jew, even when he or his friend severely criticizes his words or his bad deeds Red lines - regarding the conduct of the activists:

A. Any activist who is not loyal to the Land of Israel or has leftist views or tends to the center parties will not be recognized as an activist in the movement.

B. Any activist who is not moral to others or to the laws of the state (for example, if he raises income tax from the state) or damages the army's property - will not be recognized as an activist in the movement.

third. Any activist who acts against Judaism (for example, if he is in the movement's facilities, desecrates Shabbat and holidays as part of his activity in the movement or supports and supports it) will not be recognized as an activist in the movement.

D. Any activist who supports liberal anti-Jewish ideas of Reform or non-Jews will not be recognized as an activist in the movement. All the activists will be composed of all the sectors: "ultra-Orthodox," "religious," "traditional," and "secular", and most of them will be loyal to the platform of the movement.All the great and terrible suffering that has been inflicted upon the people of Israel throughout Jewish-Israeli history has been due to the destruction of virtue and the lack of all-Israel activity for the sake of Heaven, which is for the sake of increasing God's honor in the world. Moral degradation and lack of public activity for the sake of God's honor have been wrapped in awe of heaven, but in reality everything stems from personal or sectarian interests.

The "Best of Israel" movement will work to raise money in Israel and abroad for the movement (to run the movement's activities) and recruit many activists (for activities in the field), which will empower and promote large-scale movement (for the Greater Idea of Greater Israel) - The ability and benefit of Israeli society in various and varied spheres (which is an activity for the sake of Heaven only, which has no personal or sectarian interests). This will affect the entire political system for the sake of the peace of Israel and Eretz Israel and the Torah. God's honor in the world.Description of traffic on social networks:

The "Good of Israel" movement - a revolutionary Jewish-Israeli ideological movement whose sole purpose is to bring about a quiet revolution in which all its members will act solely for the sake of Heaven (without narrow interests, personal or sectarian) for the benefit of all the people of Israel. Israel has completed (with all its Biblical borders, from the Nile River, Egypt, to the Euphrates River, Iraq), and in order to impart genuine Jewishness to every Jew (in a pleasant manner, without coercion, of course), with a very strong emphasis on honesty And doing good for the sake of society ("do good"), and accepting minimal Jewish moral standards ("Sur ma'ra"), and the final and desired ideal of the movement is to increase God's honor in the world, Will lead to the complete redemption of Israel and to the salvation of the world for all mankind.

This movement is suitable for every Jew in the Jewish people: "religious," "ultra-Orthodox," "traditional," and "secular" - only to believe in its ideological path and to accept all its principles.

All members of the movement are obligated to write posts according to the spirit of Judaism and not to spread ideas or images that contradict her spirit. Therefore, profanity and curses and bad language and immodest images will be disqualified immediately.

The main directors of the movement are:

Ben-Zion Gagula - chairman of the movement.

Yaakov Israel Cohen Or - Internal Auditor of the movement.