Author Topic: What every Jew and righteous Gentile should know about Biden, enemy of Israel  (Read 674 times)

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Please promote this important video everywhere possible.

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Thanks, Chaim! 

One concern in particular I have is the Democrats could add Michelle Obama to a Joe Biden Ticket or replace Biden with Michelle Obama.  If not Michelle Obama, someone else ( Oprah comes to mind ) who potentially could motive the Left to come out in big numbers to vote Democrat.  In watching Biden,  it's hard to comprehend that he's going to be able to function as POTUS.  This goes beyond his horrific positions.
"Israel's leaders seem to be more afraid of Obama than they are of G-d. Now we're getting to the real root of the problem. Secular politics won't save Israel. Denying the divine nature of the Jewish State has brought Israel neither stability nor peace. When that changes Israel will finally be blessed with both in abundance"-----------NormanF   ( Posted on Israel Matzav's Blog )