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Toughen up
« on: April 11, 2020, 12:16:24 AM »

I haven’t written for a while. I know. I lost the desire to say anything online. In fact, I lost a lot of desire as a whole. It’s not because of the corona-crap, the “virus” that seems to be more scaremongering and tyranny-inducement than actual fact back it up. It’s just life in general. When the fear-epidemic is over, I’ll still have struggles with my own simple existence as I did before it. This whole fandango just reinforces to how disappointing humanity is as a mob, as a group.

Anyway, enough of that.

Seeing that an atheist may have got prison time in Singapore because of blasphemy laws a number of years ago, it makes me ponder the strength of my stance regarding the seven laws. This atheist was overt and (sexually) explicit in statements and videos against the god of christianity and islam. He made a great show of using his own modern subjective morality to throw insult upon “god”.

And, of course, people of his ilk, the God-rejectors bemoaned such treatment, discussing the need for freedom of speech/expression and the sensitive nature of religious people. Some so-called religious people thought it was harsh for the atheist to be treated in such a manner, claiming that his beliefs are strong enough to handle such an attempt to pour contempt upon the god he worshipped and therefore prison time would be too much.

Now, in some ways, I come from a mixed stance. Atheism, in and of itself, is not against the basic seven laws. But then again, I also hold that breaking the seven laws can warrant the death penalty once certain criteria are met. But I do know the First Cause of the universe to be absolute truth and the basis of it, and I do love the Supreme Creator. Also, I don’t hold freedom of speech or religion to be ideals or absolute values. I’m no fan of the state of any kind or western “civilisation.” I take note of the fact that people do put their faith in the government into action, giving their backing to the ownership and control of each other by means of a fictional entity, the authority of the government and legislator.

I also see too many God-fearers as mentally and philosphically weak (“pussies”), allowing the God-rejecting state and culture to make a mockery of God’s truth, having an inconsistent view of revering or honouring God-rejecting, seven-law-abolishing law systems, not simply satisfying with them, but championing them. The UK “parliamentary democracy,” its imaginry constitution and law code and the US constitution are given so high a place of honour due to the illusion of freedom they give, the placebo effect, when they are worse than houses built on sand. Looking at the current corrosive multiculturalism both systems, and others, have allowed and protected, to the point where the “original” inhabitants and people groups become self-hating, loathesome entities who work to their own destruction via multiple means, it becomes clear that in so many ways, the current systems were doomed to fail, no, inherently programmed to collapse in on itself. It reminds me of how the Philistines allowed Samson into their pagan temple, believing him weak and defeated, only to have him pull the whole house down, killing so many of them.

You see, in this world of such pathetic weakness, to see someone actually stand strong for God and his truth is refreshing. Even seeing some semblance of it in muslims is a good thing to me. The media and government in the UK, and too much of the culture, treat God like something worse than gutter-trash, as the butt end of a joke, like a private plaything. And it’s hard for me to give any pity for God-rejectors, especially the promotors of their morally-dead worldview or those of them that advertise not only their moral stupidity, but also their distain for the basis of Truth.

Sure, God was merciful enough not to decree the death penalty for fools, idiots and ignoramuses. But that doesn’t mean that those who uphold his truth should be walk-overs.

The fact is, though, that this world needs wisdom and the wise application of truth and morality. Maybe it’s just more sign of punishment and ubiquitous moral impoverishment that the Godfearer has be so soft when the Godrejector and the foolish world systems must be so loud and overbearing.

I’m gonna leave this as it is.

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Re: Toughen up
« Reply #1 on: April 16, 2020, 02:06:25 PM »
Chaim touched on it in a recent program. They killed so many innocent people as Romans and continued as the Catholic church, they want to just be nice now. It's why the same thing only started affecting Sephardic Jews more recently as they interacted with Ashkenazim. The Catholic/Protestant nations are all about being nice because they really don't want to go back to how it was. In Africa, the Catholics and whatever group are still very extreme, and there are good things like they don't accept homosexuality, but also bad things like they'll run around screaming at your door that you're going to burn in hell forever because you smoked a cigarette and have a cellphone.

I much prefer them whimpy, but it has the unfortunate consequence that many, even among Jews, are envious that muslims are unafraid to stick up for their religion outright, and they defend them as bastions of morality.
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