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From your brothers, from your people
« on: April 15, 2020, 03:35:10 AM »

In the Jewish Bible, equality is not a primary principle. It’s quite easy to see. Look at the law concerning who can rule the Jews as king. It’s not simply anyone. It can’t be a foreigner or an immigrant, as the law states in Devarim (Deuteronomy) 17:15. Israel is meant to be a family where only family members can rule.

This is not the equality that western culture reveres. It doesn’t fall in line with the democracy that too many in the world fawn over, where it doesn’t matter where you and your family are from, as long as you have the votes and you’ve got the right passport, you can become one of the rulers, part of the ruling class, the members of Parliament or the senators.

In this day and age, where being a melting pot of disparate families of conflicting agendas is praised and craved, where a nation is no more a family but rather a cult with weak and self-defeating tenets of faith, the message “divided we fall” becomes as inevitable as “what goes up must come down.” Civic nationalism (the cult) is pushed to the sheepish populace where the actual notion of a blood-tie and familial familiarity is all but destroyed in fear of (white) ethnic nationalism and racism.

Note that in this day and age, non-white nationalism is fine. Japan is fine. Nigeria is fine. But don’t let the European descendants get any notion of family.

I think that some of the example of Torah is international and many nations are all the more lost day by day because they ignore it in favour of stupid notions of over-sentimentality, the sort of twisted “kindness” that lets strangers invade your home, rob you dry, distort your home and then claim it for their own based on the home rules you set up.

Again, I have no hope for this world or culture. But at least the law God have to Israel is a light in this crumbling world.