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Anti-goyish Jews? – How many witnesses
« on: May 09, 2020, 06:42:26 PM »

I had the pleasure of seeing one argument Jew-haters have against the Jews. In a video on Bitchute, a video-platform service like Youtube, someone cuts a part of rabbi Mizrachi’s teaching and shows the part where he’s talking about the difference between a Jewish court and a “goyish” court, and the different standards for judges and witnesses.

Now, let me say from right now, this is no indictment of Bitchute or rabbi Mizrachi. Bitchute is not as controlling and totalitarian as Youtube and different voices are allowed there, even my own. And rabbi Mizrachi, whether I agree with him or not, is fairly blunt and doesn’t try to sugar-coat his teachings. I respect that.

Looking at the content in this video shared by this Bitchute user, who claims to be exposing “Jewish and Zionist crimes,” on the face of it, there is actually nothing bad about it. It says Jewish courts need many judges and witnesses while the courts of the goyim just need one judge and one witness. Thinking about it, there’s nothing bad about that since each scenario has its pros and cons when applied by humans.

Consider it with me please. For now, I’ll ignore the problems with the presentation of the video and just focus on the information provided. All it says is that for the goyim there has to be a court and at least a judge and a witness. Would people prefer no fairness at all and just have more subjective and “vigilante” justice? And in the case of the Jews, they need more judges. So they have a justice system too with more criteria. So what?

The issues come not from the information provided from the raw video, but rather from the information that the video lacks and the biases and falsehoods added in its place.

The word “goy” simply means “nation” in Hebrew. Israel is a nation, a goy, in the Jewish Bible. Later on it came to mean non-Jewish nations or individuals from those non-Jewish nations. So that would simply be a non-Jew or a Gentile. Unfortunately, because the belief that Jews were better than Gentiles, or that Gentiles thought Jews had a superiority complex (as do lots of people from different nations have about others from other nations, like how some British people feel superior to foreigners), the term “goy” gained negative connotations, with some Jews using the term to speak derogatively of non-Jews, and some Gentiles believing that Jewish usage of that term was a means of insult or disparagement. Now, if a Gentile says “the Jews see us as goyim,” that can mean that this non-Jew claims that Jews see us as lesser, as evil.

Unfortunately, such notions become so ingrained that whenever the term “goy” is used, even concerning historical texts and views that would likely have not contained that connotation, the mind of the viewer still imbues the word with negativity. I think that is why some “noahides” avoid being called “goy.”

So that’s one way information is replaced in the video to create negativity.

Then there is a silly notion held by too many called “equality.” What a stupid, stupid idea! It’s an idea so poisonous yet treated as a sweet delicacy. What happens is that it is heard or read that Jews have many judges, need more than one witness and many rules, whereas “the goyim” (it’s important that I used that word because it adds to the desired negative impact) have one judge and one witness. As you may see, the mental equation, added to the negative connotation of terms, leads to a nice neat conclusion: the lesser inferior people get less judges and less witnesses. See, we’re not good enough to have more judges and witnesses. At least, I believe that’s the desired message.

But if you think about it … no, I’ll start that again. I’ve got to start making sure I don’t assume others think like me.

When I think about it, being the enemy of political democracy that I am, having more judges doesn’t mean more justice. In fact, having more witnesses doesn’t necessarily imply more justice either. It should be well-known, but probably is not so well-known, that truth isn’t necessarily found in numbers.

And to return to a certain point, the idea that every nation and every people must be treated exactly the same in all things is insane. This is true when it comes to health, to cultural norms, finance and to how problems are dealt with. Yes, there will be similarities because we are all human. I don’t ignore that. But total equality? To imagine that the Jews must have the same structure of court system as other nations has no basis in fact or reality.

The insinuation put forward by the video only deals with numbers, with quantity and not quality. That insinuation, being only based on numbers, is fallacious.

This points to more of the information the video does not provide, a huge void that the imagination can fill in. It plays on the ignorance of the system presented by the Jewish Bible and its oral tradition. For example, the Jewish system of law purposely separates the Jews from the other nations, and that system comes from God. There are laws that the Jews alone should keep, such as the laws regarding “pure” and “impure” meats or the laws of sabbath. As the Jews have a special role in the earth, their law separates them, for better and for worse.

In the system given in the written and oral tradition, non-Jews are not given such stringent laws but are given a basic framework with room to develop their own character. In that basic framework of God-given law, it is only the base standard of that law that dictates that a Gentile court, when judging capital cases, must have a judge and a witness. Does the law say “only one judge and only one witness?” No! So there is room for more, but that is the basic requirement. In a world with various levels of understanding and morality, there has to be at least a certain criteria for cases where someone’s life is in danger.

How can that be wicked or evil? It is not.

Added to this lacuna of information, the words “judge” and “witness” are used in the video, yet what exactly these entities are, or what the standards are for such people is not explicated. If a person is a judge or witness, does that mean any person can be these things? Can either one be an ignoramus according to law principles? Can a person who only heard what happened be a witness? The video leaves this only to the imagination of the biased audience.

Look, I’ve seen the comments under the video. As Jew hating as they are, I’ve seen similar comments in Youtube. Bitchute is not a Jew-hating platform because some individuals who use it have animosity against Jews or because certain videos attract that sort. Again, it’s just not as tyrannical as Youtube or as thin-skinned as are some people who treat racism as a special class of hatred that must be treated more severely than other forms of hatred.

But what I learn from the video is the same message I get from politics or other forms of religion, like scientism: that when the audience is ignorant, they are easy to manipulate; and in many cases, they will become manipulators themselves.

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Re: Anti-goyish Jews? – How many witnesses
« Reply #1 on: May 27, 2020, 08:47:42 PM »
It's kind of ironic how they use goy. Catholics and Muslims have infidels, non-believers, in their religion, which comprise all non-members. They believe they will all be tortured in hell forever, and that their lives have little value since they are not in their religion. As such, their word to describe non-members is always accompanied by a level of hate.

In Torah, Hashem uses "goy" and "goyim" many times to refer to all other people, which He made and can call whatever He wants, just like us. However, Jew is a descriptive term, it refers to who we are as people, from Judah, and our word before that is Ivrit, like Avraham ha Ivrit, which means alone (sort of), as in everyone in the world stands on one side, and the Ivrit stands alone. Hashem also calls himself Ivrit too. Goyim (nations) does not refer to any historical background, mission or descriptor. It simply means all other nations but not their political entities or states, the people.

So what's happening here is that they associate their derogatory unbeliever term and the biases that they hold for others with the term goy, and it enrages them especially since they know the kind of hate associated with the term they use, and now think we would do what they do, because most people hold the logical error that everyone else is like them.

Rabbi Mizrachi isn't known for completeness in his teachings. I love to listen, but like not recommended fr people with seizures so to speak. In this regard, you have to stick about five videos I've seen him touch the subject on to get the complete argument. The first issue he brings is for Jews to seek the goyisher court, we are essentially declaring that the laws they decided to make, lovely though they may be, are superior to Hashem's, G-d forbid. Second, American courts have "beyond reasonable doubt", which can still lead to innocents incarcerated, whereas we have a burden of more than 100% proof, down to the judges trying to trick witnesses to see if they hold their story. The beautiful Rabbi isn't an academic source on the American legal system. He just tries to give enough detail to keep it exciting, and it makes his lectures wonderful to replace songs about murder and worse to give me extra energy when I work out.

He's made tens of thousands of hours of lectures and is correct in most things he says. You just need to listen to a few lectures from other Rabbis on the topic before saying you know anything about it. The reality is that he nor me are Dayanim (judges), and that's who you go to if you want to understand the Jewish legal system. Just to give you an idea, a Rabbi knows kosher and purity laws basically, a Rav has to have every answer for every Torah question or know exactly where to find it, and a dayan is that plus he knows all the legal ramifications of every law. This guy was about the same size as my left arm, and I was shaking with fear talking to him, everything about everything he knows, and it was extremely obvious that I didn't have close to the intelligence to find a good enough question that would give him a chance to show just how intelligent he was. This guy will explain the differences completely. Rabbi Mizrachi introduces it in an exciting way. I love them both, but you have to understand that we have no infallibility clause for Rabbis, you should, and we do, judge them on their intelligence and morality and rank them by most intelligent and righteous, and understand their strengths and limits. They sneeze and make babies like any man, and are judged as such.

Bitchute isn't a Nazi platform as far as I know. They happen to have an army of Nazis that use the website.
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Re: Anti-goyish Jews? – How many witnesses
« Reply #2 on: May 27, 2020, 08:58:45 PM »
Oh yeah missed one, a goy living with us in Israel isn't called goy, that's where we get into the Rav Katz stuff on Ger. Whether you agree with his conclusions, we see from his research that non-Jews living with us are a part of us and have their place as us all. So it doesn't refer to all non-members like "infidel", it refers to all non-Jews not in Israel. There certainly is no derogatory word to refer to the righteous among the goyim either, those non-Jews like you who live outside of Israel and follow Hashem. As for goy, it isn't derogatory and Jews don't use it as a derogatory word, though you can say something derogatory about non-Jews and then say goy to identify who you are speaking of. There are no curse words in Hebrew in the first place, for yiddish there's a derogatory term for goy which is sheigitz/shiksa, which basically means unkosher meat, and the connotation is obvious. It's not super nice. It's not like Jews are calling for anything to be done to all the other people of the world, we mostly mind our own business, virtually every time I hear the term used it's to convince someone to marry Jewish, or completely ignorant Jews who show off that they slept with a "shiksa" (if only they knew the Kaballah on that).

I have not heard Rabbi Mizrachi calling goyisher courts "evil", just that it is evil for Jews to be a part of it and sentence a Jewish thief to a school for murderers, he should pay back double and not be turned into a monster in there. For you guys, we have no permission to control your destiny, chose what laws you like as Hashem instructed you. 
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