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Anti-Jew part 2
« on: June 07, 2020, 04:58:35 AM »

I listened to him again say that the Zionist bankers controlled everything bad going on in the world. “It’s the Zionists!” The widely publicised current “virus,” the media controlling the information the majority public eat up, the corrupt and Gomorrah-ish entertainment industry, the education system in many countries indoctrinating the children, the shady banking systems, the band of bullies, thieves and murderers called “government,” every evil in the world is laid at the feet of Zionists.

But this time when the guy repeated his oft-used accusation at a collective the members of which I doubt he knows the identities of, something tweaked in my head, something clicked in my mind which made things that bit more clearer about what he’s actually saying.

A person who I’ve come to know gave me a bit more insight into what people against Zionism mean. Also an experience of mine on social media showed me how much it “poisons the well” in conversation. Once a person has that label attached to him, he is seen as an untrustworthy person, a betrayer of his own people. It’s not simply a statement that Jews should go to their own country. It is said to be a position that the interests of Israel goes above one’s own interests and those of your people, that “Israel” is in charge.

Note that, Zionism is linked to “Israel.” “Israel” is the devil, the backstabber, the mass-murderer, the deceiver, the one who will weaken everyone else to get the upper hand. I see that this deep hatred of Zionism is linked not just to the piece of land, but the people of that land.

When I was debating whether the right to freedom of speech exists, me saying it doesn’t and that people use the myth for hypocrisy, all of a sudden I was called a “hasbara rat” and “Shlomoh.” And when the accuser spotted that I accepted aspects of the traditions of the Jews, all of a sudden, he believed it should be plain to everyone that I was part of an evil group.

I don’t believed I’ve witnessed such a focused hatred on a people. They are seen as so evil to some that it’s claimed that they stole the identity of the real Jews. Look at the amount of evil ascribed to them. And this distrust and contempt is quite international, or seemingly so. Even if they are told to “go home,” if they go to what they claim to be their home, they’re accused of stealing land no longer theirs and horribly decimating and mistreating the Palestinians. If the wish of their haters were fulfilled, they would be homeless, wandering into oblivion.

I’ve not seen such a view put upon the various tribes of Africa or the Asians. The Jews are hated by segments of every people. It’s truly amazing.

When a person who just thinks Jews have the right to their God-given land, to do with it as God sees fit, but doesn’t give the Jews any more “love” than their actions deserve, then, although it fits with the dictionary definition of “Zionism,” the added bitterness and bile invested in that term makes the person who identifies as a Zionist a target, just as if I were to call myself a flat-earther.

If I said, “I’m a flat-earther,” due to societal programming, automatically, I’ll be deemed an idiot, an ignoramus, maybe a religious fundamentalist, and a person who rejects “science” and sense. If I called myself “a dispassionate Zionist,” to many, it is the same as calling myself a despicable traitor and a treacherous leech or wretch.

I don’t think it’s possible to detangle oneself from the tight bands of such entrenched, indoctrinated programming once it has you in its sights.

In a previous article, I said that, by definition, although I actively and enthusiastically embrace the epithet, “antiestablishmentarian,” I, almost accidentally, also fall into the definition of being a philosophical anarchist, which means one who believes there are no just rulers amongst humans. But I can’t be ashamed of what I am, regardless of what people think, especially if I have not transgressed an objective moral code, such as the seven laws and the morality expected of humans.

So because I staunchly hold to the written and oral tradition of the Torah, the Jewish Bible and the traditions that surround it as held by the custodians, at least the righteous Torah keeping Jews, I must be and am one who acknowledges Israel as the God-bequeathed home of the Jews. It’s theirs. And the Jews should be in it and keep Torah. That, by definition, makes me a Zionist, regardless of the added baggage.

That says something. That means that, because I love God and his law, that means that accepting the home of the Jews stops right there. I don’t respect the governments of Israel that have forsaken the Torah. I don’t see a Jew as good and precious simply because of their genes or because they naturalised and became Jewish. I don’t appreciate Jewish interference in Gentile lands. As Israel is their home, they should go home and get their house in order. Sure, they’ve got specific info on the divine (not Jewish) obligations for the rest of humanity, and they should give it and then go focus on their own.

But because of this notion of tribe and home, I also think the multiculturalism in Gentile lands is an absolute joke as has been shown more and more with the current racial unrest, more prominent in the west, but is international.

To conclude, the way Zionist is used as a pejorative shows that it is anti-Jew, against a people, vilifying that people. I can’t help the baggage. Going by definitions, I just have to accept what gets thrown at me.

To really conclude, the world is in a big mess. And me not being able to see a solution to all of its horrors makes me want to take a seat and watch it all burn.

May that time come soon where either it goes, or I do.