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« on: October 22, 2006, 12:45:35 AM »
Concerning G.W. Bush Presidency

I don’t want to pontificate but, reading the polls, I think that :

1/  the Government Communication on Irak and Afghanistan is rather childish
2/  the Government Action against Terrorist suicide-bombers is superficial, and IGNORANT in a stupefying way of the Islamic Roots.

1/  Communication :
Afghanistan and Irak are a GREAT, GREAT SUCCESS in the War against Terrorism, BECAUSE all the mad insane fanatics of the Madrasas go there to blow themselves instead of coming to the USA.
(Same as a medical cord for a biology epidemic)
Bush should be thanked for this by all Americans (and others) every minute.

2/  War against Terrorism :
There is only ONE way to fight suicide-Bombers whose weapons are the KORAN.
This only way is the KORAN itself :
I shall give one little example (among others) :
Suicide Bombers blow themselves because they (men only) think that, within the next minute following their death, they will be in Paradise with the most beautiful, innocent, sensual, adolescent virgins.
But Muhamad (following Pharisee-Christian Tradition) states definitely many times in KORAN that the Resurrection of the dead bodies will occur ONLY at the End of Times (maybe billions of years) for THE Final Judgement, which will, then, REALLY decide who is condemned to go to Hell and who is allowed to live in Paradise.
(And, then, those Robomartyrs made in Madrasas, who blow innocent victims, might well be condemned to jump into the Fire of Hell to burn in an everlasting torture.)

Generally speaking what stupefies me is the common, deep and wide-spread  IGNORANCE  and CONVENTIONALITY in many crucial fields, by so-called Experts.
(as I experience them daily on my Web Site


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