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Israel agreed to recognise Kosovo?

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This was surely a problematic move
considering the present situation. Hopefully      Israel can somehow make good on this
and restore balance.

Serbia finally marked Hezbollah as a terrorist ogranisation.
New Israel ambassador to Serbia says Israel did not recognised Kosovo yet, but it is in the agreement.

Israel Chai:
We want sex-slaving terrorists from Muslim-occupied Serbia to have diplomatic immunity in Jerusalem now? Can someone show up on the street and say "hell no" loud enough so at least arutz sheva is? How can we expect anyone to stand with us for our territorial sovereignty if we recognize the statehood of a muslim territory carved out of the center of another country? To Israel they have fake claims they can try to make, here they have no excuse at all, it's clearly Serbia and they're clearly making a tumor state in the middle.

Let's start with something the world can understand. Can any Serbian here tell me what life is like for non-muslims in Serbia? If their grandfather lived in Kosovo, that makes a good story.

Israel does "hasbara", which is like explaining muslim lies about Israel and telling people that israel is actually a good place. Serbia needs to do something like that ASAP. I think I said this before, and I don't want to accidentally curse anyone with making a prediction, but just look now what happens when you let muslims frame a narrative about you.

It's pretty to have a rocket launcher truck and those are great, but the real war right now is psychological, and I don't see Serbia acquiring a new "weapon" every week on that front. Muslims are.

Israel Ambasador to Serbia said that Israel recognised Kosovo on 4th of September (when the USA-"Kosovo" agreement was signed) and that it is now only a matter of seeing how to make that not influence the Israel-Serbia relations.



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