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Blagoje Jovović - the man who killed Ante Pavelić


He finally got a street in Belgrade in his name.

"I went after him, walking fast, nearly running. I got close, I was seven or eight meters from him. Pavelić sensed my presence, turned around and started shouting, 'F*ck your Serbian-Jewish communist mother!' I heard a shot, but couldn't see where it had come from. I didn't stop. I kept running straight towards him. Once I was two to three meters away from him, I started shooting. Once. Twice. I shot him in the back, as he was running away. Two bullets hit him and he fell. He dropped his briefcase and lay motionless. I was cautious. He might have been pretending to be dead. I started thinking that maybe it would be best to keep him alive and make him face a trial. I thought about finishing him off. Then I looked at his briefcase and thought of taking his documents. But, I thought, if there is any money in there and I get caught, I'd be labelled a thief and it may appear as if I had killed him just for the money. I decided to leave him and his briefcase as they were. Someone started shouting and shooting in my direction. I turned around and took three shots and started to run around the buildings on a semicircular street. Some people stepped out and asked me what had happened. Breathless, I responded, 'Look at those drunk fools, they're shooting at people for no reason!' I hid the gun in my pocket. I left one bullet for myself, just in case.


"Ante Pavelić (14 July 1889 – 28 December 1959) was a Croatian lawyer, politician and dictator who founded and headed the fascist ultranationalist organization known as the Ustaše in 1929 and governed the Independent State of Croatia (Croatian: Nezavisna Država Hrvatska, NDH), a fascist puppet state built out of parts of occupied Yugoslavia by the authorities of Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy, from 1941 to 1945. Pavelić and the Ustaše persecuted many racial minorities and political opponents in the NDH during the war, including Serbs, Jews, Romani, and anti-fascists, becoming one of the key figures of the Genocide of Serbs and the Holocaust in NDH."

Only in death camp Jasenovac (the worst one in WWII, by the ways of torture and killing), his Ustaše killed 700.000 Serbs, 23.000 Jews and 80.000 Gypsies.

Ante Pavelić

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That was quite a suspenseful story about this
Serbian hero who found himself in a real-life
quagmire of sorts and did what he had to do.


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