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Debate Between Muslim and Jew

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Hrvatski Noahid:

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Seems to be a typical debate between these monotheists
with some points made that is at least worth reading.

Israel Chai:
This would be a yeshivish debate, but can you really say Hashem is beautiful or do you have to go with the double negative not not beautiful since we don't understand the concept of how looking like anything relates to Hashem.

Israel Chai:
We can say for sure all beauty comes from Hashem, but how it relates to him I'm woefully unqualified and suspect we all are and might be until moshiach comes, but regardless beauty involves matter made on way or another, existing in time. These are concepts Hashem controls in ways we can't understand, and in the morning shabbat prayers we say "beauty and victory to Him who lives forever", so we know beauty is in his possession, but to say He is beautiful I'm not sure that's a complete way to say it even if it may be right in a simple kind of way.

the muslem guys say that what moses gave its not for the whole humanity.. i dont know what he talk about but 10 sivrot is for everyone in the world.. "do not murder" "give respect to your father and your mother"

idiot muslem need to open his eyes


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