Author Topic: India’s Hitler-themed restaurant draws fire  (Read 17189 times)

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Re: India’s Hitler-themed restaurant draws fire
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This type of "advertising" pops up every now and then in the Far East; about ten years ago the same "Hitler" brand of product appeared in South Korea.  It's one of "those anomalies" endemic to those who live in another culture.  In spite of this, JTF people must remember that India is a rich and multifaceted ancient cultural wellspring, with a history so far reaching that even a modest study of Indian culture can take several lifetimes.  Their Hindu faith is bewildering in its philosophical complexity; its VEDAS considered by scholars to be the most voluminous collection of deeply evolved theology and cosmogony.  Hindus consider their faith to be "monotheistic".  While we Jews view multiple gods and idols as idolatry, the Hindus are our allies and friends.  India is the world's largest democracy, and has NEVER known or understood the western concept known as "anti-semitism".  Every religious practice imaginable (including Judaism and Christianity) is accepted and accommodated withing the Hindu world.

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Re: India’s Hitler-themed restaurant draws fire
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Yes, Hindus are very tolerent people. Hindu extremist organizations and Hindus who have sufferred under muslim terror are in favor of Israel and Jews.  However like in other countries the socialist elites control different areas of the Indian society.  As we all know the socialist and leftist elites consider Israel as an oppressor and "palestinians" as victims.  Recently I've read a notoriously anti-semitic article in one popular Indian news paper.  India has about 150 million muslims which is more than the total population of Pakistan.  Therefore there is a "need" to apease the muslims by our political leaders and the media. There is one general opionion about Israel and Jews amongst most of the Indian: That is Jews are very intelligent and brilliant people.  High caste Brahmins, Indian military, highly educated Indians and Kashmiri Pandit Hindus have a favorable opinion about the Jews.

Regarding cleanliness and hygine - Major cities have mighty buildings and clean areas.  But nothing can be compared with first world countries.

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Re: India’s Hitler-themed restaurant draws fire
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Hello christianzionist, and good day to you.

Thank you for your honesty, and input.   You're posts are most informative, and I appreciate hearing things from a first person perspective.
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