Author Topic: Open Farrakhan supporter Eric Adams now frontrunner for NYC Mayor (new video)  (Read 424 times)

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Please promote this important video everywhere possible.

The program is 38 minutes this week.

Video version on Rumble:

Video version on Odysee:

Usual audio format:

For those who would like to download the file for their MP3 players or iPods, the link is provided below:

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It's crazy what is going on in major Western cities. Especially grave is the punishment for so called Orthodox Jews who ignore their commandment to compel Gentiles to accept the Torah's 7 Noahide commandments and instead promote anti-Torah values.

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 Kol hakavod on this great commentary
 reminiscent again of the always great
 videos of old. It will surely take a lot to
 repair this Dor kelev world and thanks
 for reminding the Jewish people that they
 would better off and happier in eretz Israel!

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