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Government wants to join, but EU does not want us anyway. Which is good.

Belgrade (capital city) Waterfront (huge) project. Before and now (well, 2020):

Transformed this part of the city, which was a dump.

Drone footage, from this week:

"Serbia is an Emerging Innovator. Over time, performance relative to the EU has increased."

"Serbia’s strengths are in Innovators, Firm investments and Employment impacts. The top-3 indicators include Non-R&D innovation expenditures, Product innovators, and Employment in innovative enterprises. The improvement in innovation performance in the last two years is the result of improved performance for Broadband penetration, Venture
capital, Product and Business process innovators, Design applications, and Employment in innovative enterprises.
Serbia  has  above  average  shares  of  In-house  product  innovators without market novelties and Innovators that do not develop innovations themselves."

Serbia signed today an agreement with Northern Macedonia and Albania to form "Open Balkan" econimic zone.

Serbian GDP growth in the first 6 months of 2021 is 7.5%.


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