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Will millions of Israeli Jews be murdered, G-d forbid? (new video)


Chaim Ben Pesach:

Please promote this important video everywhere possible.

The program is 30 minutes this week.

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Hrvatski Noahid:
It's outrageous that the European Union funds the Arabs in Israel. No doubt the Arabs in Europe are pressuring for this. 

 :usa+israel:                                                                                                                          :fist:     

‘Alarming’ and fantastic commentary
stressing the crucial matter of Israeli
Jewish sovereignty and survival.
These heroic modern Maccabees,
the venerable Hilltop Youth truly are
the only ones in Israel worthy of support.
We must continue to pray for them as
well. It really is an outrage however
no surprise that Europe favors this
policy and takes this position.

Great video Chaim.
It's crazy that the Israeli soldiers can only fire a weapons if the left wing IDF generals give them the ok to do so.
Do you remember last week when the Israeli solder Barel Hadaria Shmueli was killed by a Gaza terrorist cause the IDF wouldn't let him shoot the terrorist and this is why he was killed.
Good article about this.
‘I tore up PM’s letter’: Family of slain border cop wades into politics
Father of Barel Hadaria Shmueli, shot on Gaza border, suggests Bennett should resign; his mother says coalition with Arab party Ra’am amounts to an ‘assassination of Israel’
3 September 2021

Remember what Meir Kahane said in the 80s.
Our gentile enemies don't frighten me, our Jewish enemies scare me to death"

Don't forget about Yuri Andropov.  He was a Jewish anti semite who was head of the KGB from 67 to 82 and leader of the Soviet Union from 82 to 84
Yuri Andropov is the one who ordered the translation of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion into Arabic and sent in the Arab countries.
It was Yuri Andropov who refused to let Jews leave Russia.  It was Yuri Adropov who supported Palestinian terrorists.
Good article about Yuri Andropov being a self hating left wing Jew.,7340,L-4397441,00.html   


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