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Only one post per person please. If you open more than one post, we will not be able to answer your question or questions.

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I love linguistics and horror literature. My Rabbi has a Ph.D. in physics. Do you think religious people should focus more on worldly studies?
The Croatian right-wing extremist

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שלום חיים היקר מה שלומך ? רציתי לשואל אותך האם פעם ביקרת בארץ ישראל לפני גירושו אותך ? מה קרה שאתה עושה פחות סרטונים בעברית ?מה דעתך על החייל בראל הי''ד שנרצח ? גם בנט הרשע טוען שהוא לא נרצח מה לדעתך חייבים לעשות עם המצב במדינה ? וגם אתה חושב שטד קרוז יתמודד ב2024 לנשיאות ארצות הברית ?  ?
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Can you give short shiur on lashon hara and motzi shaim ra?

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What do you think of Rabbi Marc Angel? I have heard that his conversions are pasul,any thoughts?

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1. Was Harris picked for VP due to AA? 2. Mohammad Ali's memorial service was held at the KFC Yum! Center, an arena in Louisville, KY. I wonder why dat be. Did you know that before I wrote it? I guess they got Halal fried chicken from KFC for the Muslim ceremony. 3. Mike Tyson 4. George Foreman

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Chaim, Yaaron Reuven has correctly stated that marijuana is incompatible with Torah observance.  Should prospective converts be rejected on the basis of their indulgence of it?

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Shalom Chaim, I promise this will be my last question concerning the pandemic. What is your opinion on Dr. Fauci. I think he's a fraud, a quack,  a charlatan , and has a political agenda.

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Shalom Chaim!  What do you think about these mask and vaccine mandates?  Should people be forced to wear masks even if they affect their breathing?  Thanks

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Shalom Chaim.  Chag Some'ach  1. Is there a  connection between the technological revolution of the last 200 years and the messianic age?; 2. Are the Samaritans living in Israel Jewish? 3. Your thoughts on Nissim Black and his rapping about Hashem and Torah subjects ? He seems like a Ger Tzedek.
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If allowed to return to Israel, what locations would you prefer to live in? Favorite places, Books, and movies?

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I hope your holy days were joyful, as much as possible.
What is your opinion of Brigitte Gabriel? What is your opinion of Howard Stern?
He has bad points but I heard him rip apart Roger Waters for his anti Israel stance. Maybe he can be approached to assist the settlers with financial support.

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In my opinion more&more circumstantial evidence suggests the origin of sarscov2 was Wuhan institute of virology &its work w/ EcoHealth. Why doesnt Congress use its subpoena power for investigation since China is never going to cooperate? PeterDaszak could b interrogated&many records could b obtained
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Is Chasidism a cult? 

Thank you,
Kalman Ben Menachem

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Hi Chaim,

How are you? Can you tell me what do you thing about Bennett's speach at the UN building? And a second question is do you think Moshe Gafni from Ya'adut Hatorah and Yair Lapid from Yesh Atid are the same by the agendas?

Have a nice day and Simchat Torah Sameach.

Thank you :dance: