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ASK JTF #7 - Here is the thread where you can ask questions for our next video

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Dear Chaim:

(1) B'H I just planned a trip to visit Israel in January to visit my daughter who is studying in Seminary.  Can you please suggest new places to visit that aren't the obvious tourist traps?

(2) I never understood why some Jews make pilgrimages to visit graves of Tzadikim when they are located in Nazi or Arab Nazi Countries (e.g., Poland, Ukraine, Morocco, etc.) and should these Tzaddikim be reburied in Israel to fix this obscenity?

Kol Hakavod


Hrvatski Noahid:
Gentiles are commanded to fear God according to Sefer Ha'Hinuh Commandment 432. This is included in the Torah's prohibition of blasphemy. Can you give some advice how to increase one's fear of God?

Your opinion on South Dakota Governor
Kristi Noem.

Dr. Dan:
Shalom Chaim. Hope all is well.

1. Who and when was cancel culture invented and how do we end it?

2. Tell us a story where you thought you were about to meet an affirmative action moron, but instead you turned out to be pleasantly surprised that the individual was nothing of that type. Rather, he or she was a polite civilized decent individual.

Thank you for everything you do. God bless you and your family.

Judah Katz:
Shalom Chaim, thank you very much for being normal and being with us. I really admire you.

What's your opinion on Ben Shapiro and Dennis Prager? I think they're Jewish cowards and media profit whores with our peoples blood on their hands.


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